He cares about the extras.

As humans, we just lack the capacity to understand how deep God’s love is, for us. How much He really cares about what is important to us. And I am not talking about the big things, daily issues, small and irrelevant things.

We cant comprehend it.

When we experience a little bit of it , it can be overwhelming.

Something happened to me a few years ago, it changed my perspective about God paying attention to my needs, even those I have not prayed about.

I had a meeting planned for Nigeria.

As the month drew closer, I had to buy my ticket for the flight. At the same time , it was one of those seasons when I felt like giving myself a lovely gift, just to say WELL DONE to myself . Every woman should do that, for their sanity!!!!

When I checked the internet for the gift, it was a lovely handbag and was expensive.

The cost of the handbag and my flight were similar.

I dropped the handbag in my shopping basket online and kept going there daily to admire it. The real need was there…The flight had to be booked. The bag was staring at me in the face and I really desired it, JUST BECAUSE I DID!!!!

I discussed with hubby w3ho told me , My wife, pls get your bag , otherwise, you wont let me rest!!!

In my own mind, I knew what was important, a bag will always be there, there was an expectation from the heart of the women who had been told there was a meeting. I paid for the flight and cleared my account balance . The low bank balance cleared my mind of my strong desire for the expensive bag. I accepted my solution as final.

On my arrival in Nigeria, I held my meeting and I had one day to recover before returning home. One of the ladies who had attended the conference requested that I visited her family, she wanted to share a testimony with me and wanted to host me to dinner.

After we ate and prayed, I stepped out to go. She gave me a carrier bag which I handed over to my sister to hold. She said, I travelled recently , and when I saw this, I thought of you!!!

A few minutes into the journey home , my sister handed the carrier bag to me and BOOM, BOOM , BOOM, I screamed .

Inside the carrier bag was my handbag…the same one that I had to forfeit to buy the flight.

I screamed so loud , the driver had to apply emergency braking.

I simply shed a few tears.

God does not owe any man

It was just a bag, yes, just a bag…… But it drove home a point.

God knew it.

God saw it.

God gave me , not another brand, the  same brand….

The same colour and size….

Call it coincidence, I love more of such.

ROMANS 8:31-32 So, what do you think? With God on our side like this, how can we lose? If God didn’t hesitate to put everything on the line for us, embracing our condition and exposing himself to the worst by sending his own Son, is there anything else he wouldn’t gladly and freely do for us?


I think you need to ask that question this morning.

Is there anything that God considers too big to give you?

If you are asking Him for a child, He has given such to people who even hate Him.

Money, Jobs, a lot of people who dishonour God have these.

You are serving , you are pleasing…..He is watching , He is seeing

God did not give me that bag whilst I was in my house. He gave me it after I stepped out, choosing Him and what He wanted me to do beyond my personal need at that time.

This morning , my job is to let you know that God knows your desires. He knows the needs…He knows the wants.

He knows the treats you deserve. He doesn’t always give it at the time when we think it will look nice, He gives it when the world will confirm that THIS CAN ONLY BE BY GOD.

If God made a woman buy my bag and deliver to me , He can meet your need in any way.

Do you have a thing that your heart really desires?

Don’t bother whether it’s a real need or you just feel like you deserve a treat. Us humans don’t only give our children meals, they get treats too…

The God who gave me my bag is still able to order men to give to your bossom…

There are still more ‘bags’ where that came from .

You are His child, Just put His desires first…and wait for your treat.




  1. Testimony like this just make me put absolute trust in God even when everything seems to not be working out for me now.

  2. Thank you Pastor. This message is absolutely for me today.

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