A few years ago, having moved away from a doctor’s practice where i had worked for a while, i decided to give the staff a quick shout out.

Half way through dialing the number , i changed my mind, i wanted to play a prank on them.


The phone rang for a while. The receptionist picked it up and introduced herself , asking HOW CAN I HELP.

I replied…how can you help. Well i hope you can do.

I am just sick and tired of how incompetent things are at your surgery. The phone rings so many times before it gets picked up, you wait several weeks to see a doctor, you see the doctor  and they dont even spend enough time before they get you out of their room.

I repeated what an average client would find unacceptable.  She listened for a while and was trying really hard to talk to me calmly and manage the situation.  I pushed my luck a bit more. I told her that i was so appalled and i wanted to make a complaint.  I asked for her to put me through to the manager. She did.


Once the manager picked the phone, once i said the first two sentences, she replied…DR JEFFREYS,  GET OFF MY PHONE, RIGHT NOW!

My cover blown, the receptionist wished she could reach her hand to my face over the phone . She couldnt believe that  I had tricked her. She thought she knew me, but not that much. The person who knew me didnt take long before blowing my cover.


Oh how sweet when you can recognise who is on the other end of the phone, most especially when you are waitkng for a crucial information from them.


As Christians,  life can be so busy and stressful. We lose toucn and dont have time to catch up. The voice that should have been second nature to us sound a bit different. We are not sure anymore, because we have not spoken for a long while. This is even more so when we are not expectingthe call!!!!!!


Recognising God’s voice is easy when you dont leave a long break in between communication with Him.

When your chats  are few and far between, every voice will sound like His and His voice will sound so strange. In fact, when He is speaking,  you will be binding the devil.


After i had an ear-bashing from my receptionist friend, i knew i could not play that prank on them again. I just hope that a real client did not get DR JEFFREYS,  we know you are joking.


Dont stay too long without a voice call….texts are good, whatsapp chats are fine, so are bb messages……you spend your credit just to hear the voice of those you truly cherish.  Its just different.

John 10:27

The bible says that my sheep knows my voice. The voice of a stranger they will not follow. When you are familiar with the voice,  its easier to trust what the voice is saying.


Do you need to make a voice call?




  1. Zion ni

    Yes u ar right, a pastor once said we ought to create an Avenue Wher we communicate wit God, dat ders a particular spot he usually sits in his ous whenever he wants to talk to God and God meets him der, I also discovered dat when am communicating with God, cos ders a feeling I do experience in my devotion ttym, so I know whn God is present and whn He is not due to my beclouded mind with d cares and troubles of life, so dis has really helped me define whn God is speaking to me and whn He is not, and av also discover my God given talent thru dis as well, even hubby is surprised whn I tell him wat God says and dey come to pass, although he’s kind of jealous because he’s a pastor, says I got a part of his anointing thru our sex (laughs).. but am enjoying dis precious intimacy wit God, and don’t want to loose it for anything in dis world till I see Him face to face. Shalom

  2. dami

    I use to hear from God and they come to pass but for some years now since I got married, I can’t be so sure about that. It’s really painful cos so many had I knows have happened to both my husband and me.i sometimes wonder what happened?I want to go back to how it was with My Savior and I but the burden of family life ,3 kids within 4years,not easy at all.moving from one country to another is taking its toll on my spiritual growth. God take me to calvary .I want to hear your voice again!

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