He rescued others from death; Himself He cannot rescue from death. He is the King of Israel? Let Him come down from the cross now, and we will believe in and acknowledge and cleave to Him (Matthew 27:42 AMPC).

Beloved, imagine being known as the one that hangs around Jesus. You have made sacrifices and given your all to follow Him and everybody knows it. You are very proud to be associated with the One that you have seen perform many wonderful miracles including raising people from the dead. You just know that things would be different now… I’ve found Jesus. But then, things take a different turn. You can’t understand it. It appears the One you looked up to for help is not able to help you.

It actually looks like He is in trouble Himself. His name is at stake as everyone is talking about how He cannot save Himself but somehow, you still have hope that something can still happen. After all, it is Jesus we are talking about. There’s still hope. But then, the very One that raised people from the dead, He himself dies and it seems like all hope is lost. Everything He has ever told you does not make sense anymore. Nothing adds up. Why have you left me like this?

Beloved, after Jesus died, His followers were confused. They thought that everything had failed. They said… but we were hoping that it was He Who would redeem and set Israel free…(Luke 24:21 AMPC).

To them, all hope was lost. In between the time Jesus died and the time He resurrected, there was complete silence. In fact, they hide from their enemies (John 20:19) because they felt that the enemy had the upper hand now and was out to finish them. The enemy also thought he had the upper hand. He thought his plans had worked out. The disciples were left all alone with no Savour to come to their rescue. They couldn’t see the Lord anymore but then, what they didn’t know was that Jesus had gone to fight the ultimate battle on their behalf behind the scenes. And on the third day, at the appointed time, Jesus shows up…and He was like…tell me what’s the latest talk in town. What are you guys discussing? (Luke 24:17)

Beloved, there are times when everything seems silent in our lives. It seems like nothing is happening. It may seem like Jesus has forgotten you but know that that’s when He is most at work; digging deep and reaching depths that no one else can reach; fixing things right from the very foundation and restoring your life.

The fact that you can’t see or sense Jesus working in your life does not mean He is not working. He is working behind the scenes to perfect all that concerns you. Be patient and wait for your resurrection morning when you would realise that He has been perfecting all that concerns you.

Beloved, faint not! The Lord is bound to show up and surprise you in ways you never even imagined possible. Just hang in there.




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