There is not a better time to talk about this.

For some marriages,  both parties cannot stand it.

For some, there is serious disagreement because a party believes that this is right and the other disagrees.

Does God restrict how much fun we can Have?

Does God restrict the shag to the vaginas and the penis ?

Should we encourage oral sex in our marriages ?

Should we allow our men to lick the nipples and not lick down below.

What is allowed and what is NOT?

If you do it, how did you find the experience?

How did hubby find it?

For the learners, what should one expect….and prepare for it.

Is It the dirty, unholy sexual Act?  Or is it permissible in Marriage?


  1. Lolo_JummyK

    It is apparent God did not put any restrictions on where/how to shag, lolll. I mean, no sex position is recommended or disallowed in any verse of scripture.

    In my opinion, I feel it’s up to the couple to decide what’s comfortable for both of them.

    That being said, it is usually the case that one of a couple is more sexually-curious than the other, and would like to try some novel moves….like kissing down there?
    But they usually fear the other’s reaction.
    There should be total openness about sexuality in marriage. So you can discuss and explore beyond your current limits without any fear or repression.
    Sex is all about seeking the deepest connections with your partner, and I believe no act is dirty if it’s mutually agreeable.

    If you ‘ve never tried it but your partner is curious about it, would they be safe enough to at least bring it up with you?

  2. crystal

    Tongue tinzzzz, still very new to it, learning on the job and am enjoying it. I give it wholeheartedly, never asked for it, don t even know if I want it returned but am actually enjoying the giving. Looking out for ways to improve my skills trully.
    As for hubby enjoying it, he has not complained yet and I don’t know if I want to hear what he has to say about it. I love it, shines teeth😆😆😆😆

  3. Adorable


    Presently having this issue in my marriage.
    Told hubby, right from Genesis,” And Adam knew his wife”. Was sex mentioned in the bible? When Adam knew Eve, it could have been any method now, who told us it was the missionary style they did, what if it was standing method or from the back. I guess the issue comes from what has been handed to us as the norm or the right thing. I told him, in the context of marriage….on our bed, to me it is lawful and acceptable….it is honorable. If sex is seen as a form of worship, to give me optimum satisfaction, you need to let go of these thoughts ooo and give me tongue things…….if giving you a blow job is of premium satisfaction to you, then there is nothing stopping you from doing same to me. We are still dragging the matter. Waiting for other jewels to comment ooo, so I can learn too.

  4. anon

    I believe there is no restriction in marriage, however there are things which put off individuals, I do every other thing save orals and anals cos i don’t like it. I have never mentioned it to hubby that I hate it, I have asked him if he likes it and he said no, so it is a relief for me. however the one I will never do and will never advice anyone to is anals (says I not the Lord). cos it is risky health wise. Back to sex gangan, I married as a virgin and sex was very painful for like the first 5 years of my marriage, we had to try a lot of things o,nipple licking is whoosh, (thank God I am anonymous here lol), fingering is ……

  5. Doris

    Sex is meant to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage but there are no definite rules as to how it should be done but I think spouses should agree on and enjoy it without bias.

    My husband and I were not engaging in it initially but we started it and now for us, it is not love making if there is no ‘tongueing’.

  6. Stacey

    Thanks for bringing up the topic. Me i dont know about the oral and anal sex thing but aside that i am good to go(different styles, different places) but wouldnt mind learning more to upgrade myself to benefit me and hubby too

  7. delight

    Anything a COUPLE does, mutually agreed by the duo is not a sin.

    Myself and hubby does it WHEN the feeling….for it comes. It allows more connection….. and sweetness.
    We both discussed and agreed that it is ok with both of us.

  8. Cupid baby

    Since no style or position was mentioned in the scripture, so any style, position is good to go for us but of course no anals because its quite risky and one has to be health conscious. As for orals, at first I never liked it but hubby sure loves to lick the down below, but as times passed I tried using honey or ice cream to lick his cucumber. Oh my!!! It always so nice and I’ve been enjoying it since then. Operation no restrictions is what we now follow.

  9. Emi

    I agree with most people here and I have no reservations when it comes to sexual matters. My believe is anything goes on our bed of covenant.
    The first time I went all the way with my tongue on him, it was heaven on earth and he has since asked for more. Then came my turn, I asked for it but he was reluctant, as a Yoruba man, he explained he was raised to believe that doing that to a woman will bring ill luck. We discussed this and I told he needed to renew his mind in that area and he was okay with it and we were fine.
    Then I read it somewhere that licking vagina and sucking penis could cause diseases, this made us stop but I don’t know how true this is. I will appreciate some light on the medical side of it. Thanks

  10. Elixir

    For me, if it’s in marriage then it can be in any form except anal sex for health consequences. Tongue things in my marriage is regularly kissing and him sucking my boobs. However when I want to spice things and give it to him, as in sucking his ‘Longman’he enjoys it like there is no tommor, he begins to say some sweet nothings, and your dear sis will be feeling like a pro. From him, I think he has given me about twice. I will love to have more if he is willing to give although I’ve never specifically ask him.
    For jewels that wants to learn, I give it to him by shaping my mouth in an ‘O’ form and go over his dick pulling it in and out of my mouth lovingly without allowing my teeth to interfere. At intervals I just allow only my tongue to go on the cap of his dick. I usually feel great as I watch him moan sweetly during the show. Maybe I can even try one tonyt!

  11. Royalty

    I love to give and receive the tongue action but it doesn’t freak my love. At first I thought I wasn’t doing it right and I had to take some tutorials from YouTube still I didn’t get to see what I expected to see and when I asked him he said he prefers the main thing to the tongue thing. At this point I rest my case. Since it doesn’t interest him to give and receive that has been ruled outta our bedroom activities although I miss those times.

  12. Sweetie

    Sincerely this topic is dear, I mean loving,. When it comes to sex, my marriage have not being lacking at first my hubby hate kissing but when we try d kiss during sex waiting. He ask for more. As per d oral, I started it by sucking his cucumber at a stage and he love it but I don’t know if he can do that to me as well cos I think I will love it. Also my question to jewel is, is it good to be watching this blue movie so as to increase ur sex moral,?thanks

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