Have your children ever come up to you for something and instead of waiting for you to oblige them, they begin to search around for what they have asked? If this was one thing, only you could provide, how would you feel instead of waiting for you, they began to try and get it from another source. Insulted? Annoyed?

How many times do we go to God with a request and instead of waiting for his answer, we turn around and begin to ask Uncles, Aunties, brothers and sisters to help? Instead of waiting to see how he leads us, we decide to help him come up with a solution?

For some of us, God has begun to answer and instead of continuing to look to God for the perfection of what he has started, we turn to the gift and turn it into the source. Jonah had refused to go to Nineveh to deliver God’s message to the people, instead, he ran away in the opposite direction. After going on a ship and being thrown overboard, he prayed.

Like Jonah, many of us hear from God but run in the opposite direction. We go asking for direction but the answers we seek are not what we want to hear and so we “run”. In so doing we forsake the mercies of the Lord and consider lying vanities. We begin to set up idols or monuments in our hearts and minds and refuse the Lord’s solution or prescription.

When we do this, we run into bigger problems and find ourselves in situations that no man can help us out of. Like Jonah and David, there is only one way out. Cry to the Lord.

When we open our mouths because we are repentant and cry out to the Lord for His help, he hears, he answers and he delivers! Psalm 18:6 “n my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears”

When we cry out to God, he not only hears, he answers and delivers completely.

Jonah 3:1 “After Jonah cried out to God, the Bible says “the word came to Jonah a second time”

As you go to God this day seeking His answers, prepare your heart to do what He says. Prepare to obey. If you’ve already turned away from His solution, cry out to God, turn your heart around to hear His word and do it and God will not only hear, He will answer and deliver completely. He will give you a word of restoration and you will be able to return to that which He had planned for you.


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