The blood that Jesus shed for me,

Way back on Calvary

The blood that gives me strength from day to day

It will never lose its power

It reaches to the highest mountains

And it flows to the lowest valleys

The blood that gives me strength

from Day to Day, it will never lose its power

Hebrews 8:12-13 NCV I will forgive them for the wicked things they did, and I will not remember their sins anymore.” God called this a new agreement, so he has made the first agreement old. And anything that is old and worn out is ready to disappear.
Sisters. I have been overwhelmed with the stories of where we have been and what life has thrown the way of some of us!

Some of us have made some difficult decisions. Some have been ignorant of the schemes of the devil and because of that, we had disobeyed God.

Some of us just did not care about godly instructions, whilst some did not ever know what they were doing at the time.

What I know is that, no matter the category you fall into, the blood of Jesus is enough for you.

The same blood that atones for a liar and a thief atones for you.

God hates every sin, but He loves every sinner, no matter the gravity or depth of their sin.

Women are faced with judgement every day of their lives . It’s as though every woman who committed an abortion impregnated themselves! . Yon get looked upon as the killer who had no mercy.

Any man or woman who is a party to the decision making has already partaken of the sin and stand guilty before God. whatever your role is, either the ‘doer’ or the ‘adviser’ > fm can find mercy today.

The desire of God is that every man and woman will repent and be saved. whether you did it 25 years ago or last week, the blood that Was shed at Calvary is still potent enough to cleanse you.

Even the woman caught in the very act of adultery was forgiven and declared ‘free to go’ . The mercy of God is available .

God does not hold your sins against you once you forsake them and obtain mercy. There are times when we bear scars of our actions and this may give us an impression that God is punishing us:

Dmt let the devil deceive you .

God is not out and about looking for every means to Make you Suffer for a sin commited 35 years ago!

Whether it was stolen goods or sleeping with another woman’s husband, once you forsake and confess, you are forgiven.


Whosoever the son has made free is free indeed. You are free indeed.

You are free! Before God, you have never done it before . His memory is lost in confessed sins.

My prayer for yon today is that yon will accept His forgiveness and enjoy the provision made for yon on the Cross.

for my sisters who tell lies daily, but sees themselves as ‘a little beHer’ than those burdened by the guilt of termination of pregnancy, the enormity of yonr sins are Same before God! You need His mercy too.

I pray for as many of us as are suffering the Consequences of our past sins, that the mercy of God will restore that which has been stolen from you .

God loves you your past in spite of all your past sins and disobedience .

Whether yon terminated two or twenty, the pool of the blood of Jesus cleanses EVERY SIN!

Accept His forgiveness today.


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