That’s me!

Today’s exhortation 13/03/2018

That’s me!

Today I remember Mordecai. The man whose enemy wanted him eliminated at all cost. Mordecai went about his daily life and knew nothing of this plot. If anything, he kept on doing good without compromising his Godly standards. And he was doubly hated for it. The man who saved the king from untimely death via assassination yet wasn’t acknowledged. Did he take up his own case? No, he did not. He kept on with his daily life, serving God as he should and keeping his head up. But you see, it wasn’t a mistake that the king didn’t acknowledge his good deeds then. It was all in God’s plan, and all Mordecai had to do was to put that very act in his ‘good deeds’ records, so that God could use it for his future. For there was an enemy that was plotting his destruction like his own life depended on it

Today I remember Haman. The enemy who was hellbent on destroying Mordecai. The man who already had it all by man’s standard, after all, he was promoted by the king as the highest-ranking official in government. That sounds like 2nd in command to me. So, what more did he want? Why was Mordecai, a mere citizen, a threat to him? He had the highest authority in government yet wanted the highest power. Like mortal men, he became puffed up and proud, and wanted to be worshipped by all! Haman, who thought no one else had the ears of the king but him!

Today I remember King Ahasuerus. The king whose life was saved by a mere mortal. The king who had no idea why he could not sleep that night until the book of records of the chronicles were read to him until it came to Mordecai’s part and he remembered what he ‘thought’ he had forgotten to do. But what he didn’t know as that it was all a plan, a setup by the Master Planner or how else would you explain that it was at that same time Haman showed up at his palace? The king who always sought advice from his palace staff and listened. Ah, no wonder he was like that! He needed to be like that, else how else would he have been used of God to honour Mordecai if he wouldn’t listen to Haman?

And today I meditate on God. The Master Planner. The Master Orchestrator. The Master Builder. When the Bible says all things work together for our good, it’s not a joke. When Psalms 126 talks about a restoration so great it makes us think we are in dreamland, it’s not a joke. Because I read the book of Esther and see that God had it all played out, and like chess, each piece was strategically played till hit checkmate! Oh, what a God!

In all these, I remember where I’m coming from, where I am now and guess what? There’s a great assurance on my inside about where I’m going! Because the Bible was written as an example for us! And His word then is still the same now! Can you see? The Master Strategist has it all figured out. All I should do is what Mordecai did – keep my eyes on Him and continue in my service to Him, no compromise. In the fullness of time, the king will lose his sleep! Haman will build the gallows to hang Mordecai! Haman will come into the court of the king just at that time! Haman’s intention was to seek permission to hang Mordecai on the gallows! But the king will seek Haman’s advice to honour Mordecai instead! And the King will command Haman to do ALL that he has advised being done to him whom the king wishes to honour!

And that’s me!!!

Glory to God!

Scripture reference: Esther chapters 3-7

Written for Thypreciousjewels 2018

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