Sexy scenes make you feel all mushy and nice, but who has the time?

Working full time and you have little children to attend to, how do you manage to get well oiled and lubricated?

How do you set the mood for a shag?

Or do you only grab a quickie once in a while?

What is the weirdest place you have managed to grab a fast one?

Did you feel guilty?

Please share with us…

How do you manage with sex and getting ready for it , in spite of being a busy wife and mother

Please ensure that you DONT USE YOUR REAL NAME ON YOUR COMMENTS…. don’t worry , I am the only one who will know it’s you, and I am a senior experienced client in this matter,….hehehehehehe


  1. In fact that is the problem we’re facing now,sex is planned with my busy schedule but sometimes the plan doesn’t materialize for weeks or months and when it eventually does the excitement is no more there so it’s just more of an obligation

  2. Tope

    The weirdest place was in the bathroom of an hotel,just a room o. We just travelled to meet my husband and had just put the children to bed. I just told my husband ‘excuse me mister, meet me in d bathroom, let’s do a quickie abeg, 7 mths no be joke for me. But it was fun.
    Sex for us is both.

  3. Elixir

    For setting the mood, anything can do, he comes to the kitchen, touch my bum and say ‘let me pass jor’, a movie showing couples kissing, sometimes he will say, won’t you bath, oya let’s go Nd bath…… sharp sister, I have quickly decode and the mood is set. Sometimes I wear skimpies, sometimes i just shift to his side on the bed and cuddle him…..mood set! For the weirdest place? Our ironing table lol!

  4. Bae

    With my schedule and little boys…we get some plan but we do well with some quickies oh
    There was a time tje door in our room was not good..can’t lock from outside…we tool that opportunity twice we just send the boys out and get tools as if we want to work on the door.. I ck it from inside and get a quickie
    Many nights we make use of our sitting room..
    If one is not careful one will count weeks oh

  5. Royalty

    Quickie or planned am up for it. 80% of sex in my home just happens as body is still on fire. . I plan when we have been apart for some days either due to work,stress,pregnancy hormones or fasting’s always worth the plan though. Weirdest place? The bathroom of a family friend. Twas fun. With the shower on to drown the noise and his hand ova my mouth..oouch!

  6. MummyP

    Most times. Planned sex does not work for me ooh. Because after we must have anticipated. The kids will just refuse to go to bed or tiredness would have set in after a busy day. But quickie is bar. Cos its unexpected, it just happens somehow and it works well for us

  7. Gramirest

    More of a spontaneous thing busy schedules so as and when
    Wierdest place was at my in-laws place had to try n be as quiet as possible..we named it sneaky afterwards

  8. Jesuspikin

    My little girl was admitted in the hospital and I had to stay over night with her. After hubby stayed with us during the day and wanted to go home in the night, he requested for sex. SAY WHAT?? It was a room with 2 beds but the other bed wasn’t occupied. I didn’t believe it! Sex?? Here?? Now??
    It was a big NO!

  9. Modupeoluwa

    I so need motivation in this area. No more interesting sex for me. I don’t get aroused anymore. I hate Routine where sex is concerned and that is all we do. Routine. Same house. No fun, no daring or weird place.
    Still waiting for the day I will be motivated to try it out on the washing machine while it’s spinning!

  10. Eve

    We usually don’t plan sex, it just happens mostly at night after a long day and for weirdest place we’ve had sex, it’s my father in-law sitting room, it was a quickie.

  11. VJ

    Few unplanned when the kids are home. We go on getaways or send them on holidays when we need to catch up.
    Weirdest spots…. inside the car and in the Jacuzzi in a hotel. We were in the Jacuzzi with boiling hot water for like 3 hours, doing the do. Gisting and then we prayedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. When we were satisfied, we climb bed and slept like babies.

  12. Glory

    Hubby has a busy schedule, so he comes home tired and exhausted so I have to make the move.once I touch him I that place he just know what I want if I don’t we will remain that way..hubby once told me we have our entire life to make love while should we be in a hurry but I told him HELL NO so most of the time I make the move.

  13. Abs

    The planned ones get too serious for me and because it is planned, i mostly dont enjoy it. But quickie all the way. We rarely plan. Quickie!!! Love quickie.
    At times i still do have pains when having sex. I am not sure if it calls for concern.

  14. Mama

    Honestly hubby has been the one initiating sex in our home, I’m often too tired with taking care of 3 boys and house chores. Sitting room is bae for us. I’m usually game after he initiates it though, he often makes fun of me that I won’t start but I take over once he does. No weird place yet…

  15. Hope

    Sex for me has always been unplanned. Planning will make it mechanical for me but wen hubby is in d mood I know it n play along or dodge by pretending not to know until he makes d move. There has been no weird places, will think of it… πŸ˜‚ Hv had quickies wch I didn’t enjoy cos it was clumsy πŸ˜‚

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