Out of them all

Most of us just need to face one opposition and we will stop singing the Lords song.
Our testimony changes and even our bb and what’s app messages reflect that our salvation is only viable when things are smooth!

We think that when its bad, it cant be God!

Let me introduce you to a man of many sorrows…
Hated at home, hated in the fields!!
Envied by siblings, persecuted by employer!

Home is a no-go area, office is hell….even church is boiling. What a life!!!!!
Joseph… the man of many troubles.
It seemed like everywhere Joseph went, he made an enemy for himself…This thing called destiny can attract all sorts of insults.
Probably, everywhere other young men visited and got a standing ovation, Joseph was dragged out, drenched with insults.

Thank God the story didnt end there!

The same free service that Joseph offered in the prison, was the licence he required to take him from WANTED TO CELEBRATED.

On coming out of the prison, Joseph was at a higher level than Portiphar.
in fact, Portiphar and his wife would be having sleepless night. My son was of the opinion that they should have moved out of town!!!!!

During our family altar this weekend, we had such a great time making fun of Portiphar.

Mrs Portiphar planned and executed her plans.
I guess that her fellow promiscuous housewives must have celeberated her achievement when she shared how she dealt with the young man who did not give not give in to her desires.
She must have bragged…..I got him locked up forever!!!! He will rot in jail!!!!

She even got her husband to go along by putting him in prison. He believed his wife. Who wouldn’t?

When you allow yourself to rest in God’s will,
The king will bring you out of the prison that Portiphar sent you to….and after the humiliation, you are bound to be announced.
You will occupy a position bigger than your adversary intended.

You know when the Bible says that YOUR PROFITING WILL APPEAR TO ALL MEN. This will include those who sent you to prison, those who sold you to slavery in your innocence and even those who have accused you unjustly.
Its not my words, its plain scripture…

Righteousness exalts a nation.

The fear of God was all that Joseph remained dresssed in, when his life was srripped of his glory and honour, and everything else around him crashed!
Will you still be standing in Him in spite of answer NO..? Or you will tell Jesus to ‘keep to his own corner of the room’ when those who hate you seem to be winning all the time?

Remember, He is the only one who can PROMOTE from an inmate to a throne-mate!
It took years for Joseph to realise that God had allowed all the horrible experiences, just to get him ready for the race ahead.
Learn the lessons God wants you to learn.

Don’t worry about the accusers, when the timing is perfect, the same you, will be celebrated by those who have insulted you, as long as your path remains godly.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, the Lord delivers him from them all……ALL….



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  1. Seyi

    Amen and amen! Joseph, a man we don’t want to share in his tribulations but his triumph 🤣. May we be able to walk the journey of faith knowing that God is always faithful and will always perform what he has spoken! Thanks for the reminder, God bless you sis!

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