MARRIAGE? Yes, its worth it 1

My sisters,I know that you like hawt gists, so I have come with one.

Few weeks ago, I got a message in my facebook inbox.

It was one of those suspicious ones.

Hello ma, please send me your number. This is very urgent. I am sending this from my wife’s facebook account and I do not want her to see that I have contacted you.

This is my number…..

I was very suspicious, so I asked my friend who was with me…what do you think…

She replied…is this common practice. I said….well, jewels husbands contact me whenever they need me to address something with their wife.

She said, hear him out.

So I sent my number and we started to chat on whatsapp.

Hello ma, please I need your help

My head started spinning……what now????

Has she slapped her? Did he cheat on her? Did she cheat on him?

Chai… the bible says that the heart of man( woman) is desperately wicked!!!!!!!

Anyways, fast forward many questions later…

My wife will be 40 in a few weeks time.

This woman has given everything for me .

She supported and upheld my family for 8years when I had no job.

I got a job a few weeks ago and I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said NOTHING…

She has warned me to not do anything….but I cant let it go like that

I cant let my wife’s first birthday since I have money , just go like that…

Awwwww…….( BORROW TISSUE) Tears dropped

I replied…..okay sir…..can I discuss with my hubby please. Can I ask if its okay ? He said yes.

Grin, grinnnnnn….I called hubby.

Gave him the low down .

Hubby replied….( as he usually does….SCREENING EVERYTHING TO THE TEETH)

Hmmmmmm, it can be both ways….we don’t want anyone to idolise us, buth this man’s request is so genuine and its commendable… can do as he says

Excited…I chatted with the man again…..the answer is YES… what do you want me to do?

He says VISIT MY HOUSE on her birthday. She would be happy if you spent the day with her. She loves to read your write up and she never missed the TPJ mums altar and she gets me to join in too.

HAAAAAAA…..where do you live….?

He types address…JISOOOSSSSSS, Its far!!!!

I ASKED, SO WHAT DO WE DO….he insists that I needed to come .

Tickets booked , date fixed.

Then we started chatting ….


One day, he asked…..pls I don’t know what other things she likes..

I assured him that I would find out…..

So I chatted up Jewel…

Sis, if TPJ was to have a ladies day out in your city, do you know how good the spas are?

Excited that TPJ was coming to her, she started searching and gave me options….

Then hubby just checked computer and found out what options he had…..

A week to the date.

My jewel woke hubby up and narrated her dream , she had a dream that night, that I came into her home and I was praying with her. Hubby smiled and said, NO way will she visit you, she is so busy..



Then the d-day came!!!!

Excited I took off.

Her hubby picked me from the station….hehehehe

Even my heart was beating fast….

He dropped me off a few doors from their door and I knocked..

Door open….lots of screaming and screeching!!!!!!

Then the fun began…..

It lasted the whole day and I made my way back home


One grateful husband.

One thrilled wife who would forever appreciate her hubby for his appreciation and resourcefulness.


So, looking back, what did I learn….

No matter what anyone tells me,  MARRIAGE IS STILL WORTH IT

There are men who appreciate you and not all men are ‘idiots’.

A man can make an attempt and effort to appreciate his wife, even if your pastor does not teach you that in church… ITS YOUR CHOICE.

As a woman, when you connect to God, He will show you what is happening in your home… Holy Spirit exposed my trip to her before i came.  Hunting for whatsapp chats and facebook chats wil give you high blood pressure, in the place of prayer, the revealer of secrets will show you what you need to know .

Are you labouring now? Cheer up and lift your head up, your reward shall come . You have just one prayer point, that your reward will not elude you.

Even if your husband does not know the lord, by your action and faith that you practice in the lord, they can be won over.

Now , my family has a new friend.

Her hubby has since been calling my husband.

Wider reach, wings spreading farther


Grateful to know your family, Ade!!!!!!

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  1. Mum pearl

    God bless you Sir. Indeed marriage is worth it, Help me Lord by grace to always do all I need to do in my home without fainting & to the point of reward. When the time come,may my reward not elude me in Jesus name.
    Thank you mummy OmoB for all your teachings.

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