MARRIAGE….Its worth it 2

I met my husband 10 years ago in London. He was a student and I had finished my university degree and running a postgraduate programme.

Being born again and watched every minute by my mother, I knew that I had to make the right choice in marriage . The first gentleman who approached me was likeable and I naturally thought that this was him, however, I noticed a few things.

One of these things that made me uncomfortable was that he would not put himself forward to give in any way. My mum was worried too and advised me that this was a bad sign. Secondly, whenever I made him buy me something, his mum would request for the same. I got very worried.

My mum explained to me that this was not good enough. But I was scared what the future held. I was reluctant to let go of what I had in my hand, I was worried that as he had accepted me , I didn’t stand the chance of another man accepting me. I had a diagnosis that many men would run away from . I had SICKLE CELL DISEASE.

Mum had been so careful and had taken care of me so well since I lost my dad at a very early age. She guarded me with everything . I had to listen to her. I let go of this relationship and just agreed that it would be difficult for me to find a man who would be willing to accept my diagnosis and love me in spite of it.

So when hubby came along. We became friends first and then he started discussing marriage.

He came across as a very hardworking young man.

I accepted to marry him

He intimated me that he had made a covenant with God that I would not suffer and that he would take care of me. To reinforce his decision, he advised me that he would never ask me for sex until we are married. It was like a joke.

We got married and I relocated to Nigeria with my husband.

2 years into the marriage, my brilliant husband was walking the streets of Lagos. No money, no food, no job.

I would cry for hours once he left in the morning. I had prayed and prayed and nothing was happening .

Two years into the marriage, I got pregnant. Early morning sickness, vomiting , weakness, no food to eat. At times, I would ask my neighbours for food and they would supply. They could not turn back a pregnant woman who was hungry.

One day, we had a bottle of water…that was all that we had. My husband had been roaming the sun in lagos, came home drenched , I had been sipping the water all day, just to keep away the pangs.

As he came in , I greeted him , and offered him the bottle of water on a tray and asked him how the day went. Good he said. Is this the water you have been drinking since morning and its not yet finished, he asked … I replied yes… I didn’t want to finish it, so that when you come , you too will have something . He looked at me and said to me , whatever I have in life belongs to you and I will make sure that you never lack.

Few months down the line the little money we had paid for our rent expired. Still no job, we got thrown out. I pleased but the estate agent says that he could not help us.

The estate agent threw our things out in broad day light. I sat heavily pregnant on a pile of my personal belongings. Hubby came back home and met me sitting there.

Nowhere to go, my both parents were dead.

Few weeks after this, hubby got his first job as a personal assistant, with all his degrees, this was the best he could get, we were grateful .

It was not long before he got the attention of someone.

A few years at this job, he got a recommendation to be a personal assistant to someone n government.

They realised how clever he was and how diligent as he served one of the customers.

The customer called him to join in his team when the customer became the state governor. My husband could now work in his full capacity for his qualification He became a commissioner.

My husband went to work one day and a contractor submitted a contract for funding approval, being the one in charge of money allocated to projects.

He looked on the application and saw a surname that was familiar. He requested to see the applicant, and he asked him . Do you by any chance know any estate agent with your surname?

The man replied …yes, he is my brother.

After looking through the application and making sure that he had checked everything , he approved the funding and asked the man to tell his brother, that he had met him , the man whom you threw his pregnant wife on the streets.

Years down the line, out of office , my hardworking husband is ploughing the fields and taking full care of me and my children

As he promised, I have not gone out to labour or sweat one day.

I have never had a Sickle cell crisis since he married me .

If I cough for two days, wherever he is in the world on business trips, he comes back home.

All the properties he has bought from his sweat are in my name.

Early in our marriage , I looked at my friends and wondered what mistake I made. But I am grateful to God that I embraced that young hardworking man. He had no money to woo me , but his attitude to me and all that mattered to me helped me to know that I found a good man .

Today, I command billions of money in businesses invested all over the world. Money acquired righteously. My husband seeks my views and asks me to pray before accepting business propositions. My children and I live in luxury.

He has taken my family as his.

Last Christmas, my elder sister got a fully furnished house and a car attached for Christmas. My family is better off because this man has loved me in spite of my diagnosis.

SICKLE CELL or no SICKLE CELL……Everything he does shows me that I could not have been better off with anyone else.

Every day, I spend hours praying for my husband, reminding God that he is keeping the coven ant he made to take care of me.

Its no doubt God is enlarging his coast.


Omob’s perspective.

Single sisters, don’t put yourself in a position of disadvantage because of labels and tags. You have waited till you are 38, is no reason to just embrace someone who you know is not Gods best for you. There is a man for every woman.

Married sisters, poverty today is not poverty for life. Spend more time encouraging your hardworking hubby than shouting and rubbing in his face how well all his mates are doing.

Marriage is hard work .Marriage is beautiful . God has someone special for everyone. May you and your children not miss their God-given lot in life.

Don’t compare your marriage with another.

Drink your REMAINING WATER IN PEACE AND WAIT FOR YOUR CHANGE TO COME……Dont walk out of your marriage because a man is not able to buy you what your friends are wearing. There is more to life than brazillian hair.

God will make it worthwhile for every home.

It does not matter whether you have enough today, as the lord lives, your story will change and you will live in plenty.

Marriage is worth it…


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