Recently, I traveled with my daughter.  It was meant to be a jolly ride to an event which I was invited as a guest.  On this beautiful day, every other road users seem to now have anywhere to go.

They were slow. They were just having a good time looking around at the beautiful scenery.

It was a single lane road; I could not overtake them because the other side of the road was busy with oncoming vehicles.  My singing soon turned to questions, my questions soon turned to complaints

My daughter who had been quite all this while says to me , Mum , don’t worry, we will get there, and then you can tell them that you were delayed on the road.

Immediately, I had a brain reset.

I have been teaching her about patience and respecting other people even if they don’t agree with our opinion, but I was not leading her well in this case.

I went quiet for a while .

After a few minutes, I said to my daughter, dear, what lessons can we learn from today’s journey?

Patience , she replied, to be patient.

I took that in.  My journey was meant to take 28 minutes, it took 34  minutes eventually.

It was not that bad after all.

I had a few different ways of dealing with the other road users.

Firstly, I could honk and horn and upset the other road users, if I was sharing the day with an arrogant man , he would just slow down the more and start applying brakes repeatedly, which will upset me a bit more.

If I was sharing the road with a panicked old lady, who was driving slowly, I would have panicked her a bit more, and she could just run into someone or something else….then we all will get delayed .

If I tried to play a fast one and cross over to the other lane, I could put my daughter and I at risk of serious harm by accident, we wouldn’t have arrived anyway.

I f I went ahead and overtook illegally, the police could catch me, then delay me with their questioning for the next 30 minutes.

In all these, a little patience would have helped me to avoid the heartaches and the trauma.

Life slows us down in many ways and the natural tendency now is for us to throw caution to the wind and do as we please. Many times, we want to rush and just get it out of the way, but we forget that not everything answers to speed.

No matter how quickly you want your cake done, if you put it in the oven at the highest temperature in the oven, you may burn it.  You wont have a cake to eat, you would have lost your cooking ingredients and you will pay the electricity bills for a cake you never had.

Pull it down

Throw it out .

Jump ahead

Don’t take nonsense.

Wont take that rubbish if I was in your shoes

Don’t let them walk over you..

These are all what we may hear from people around us.

Patience is still a virtue.

There are some things you just don’t rush, simply because, SLOW TRAFFIC is a normal part of life.

The times when things are not happening as quickly as you desire, they are short breaks for you to ponder about your journey. Make use of them.

Patience would have prevented many broken homes

Patience would have given you many opportunities to make a mark in life

The fact that things are not working at the speed you like, does not mean God is not working.

Learn PATIENCE. You could just rust Him whilst you are experiencing delay, or you can moan. I know its not easy to trust, but just imagine what other results you could get if you try your options outside God.

Proverbs 14:12-13The Message (MSG)

12-13 There’s a way of life that looks harmless enough;

look again—it leads straight to hell.

Sure, those people appear to be having a good time,

but all that laughter will end in heartbreak.




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