On behalf of women all over the world, can i get your attention guys.

A woman is brought up to nurture and to care.
A godly woman gives selflessly.
Even an ungodly woman gives, but she does it on her terms….
We sometimes dont know when to stop.
Having had the opportunity to suppot women for the past few years, there is a heart cry that is not going to die off soon. Its real, its exhausting, its frustrating.

In the days when my mother’s bride price was paid, most men got up and went to work. Their wives stayed at home and nurtured the children.
They had friends, families and neighbours around them. When they got tired, their little nephews and nieces would play with the toddlers and run some errands.
Men came home , threw their briefcases on the sofa, sat outside fanning themselves after eating a tummy-load of heavy meal.
But that was then!

In this season when my own bride price was paid, most families in the world need the income from both parents now!
But some men still live in the season of my mother’s teenage years.
They come back home, throw the briefcase on the dining table, tie on the dining chair….Shoes with smelly socks under the lounge sofa….and reach for the remote control or phones. Waiting for food to be served by the same woman who left home at the same time as you in the morning, left work and drove straight to school runs, and maybe had to join public transport whilst you drove home in your air conditioned car….

Need i say that if you are living like i described, your wife is in slavery?

You say Omob, give me a scripture….the bible says husband love your wife , as Christ loves the church and gives himself for it!!!!! Is that sufficient?
Give Himself..
Give Himself….
Did that ring a bell……

You say a woman’s place is in the kitchen…..thats okay, i believe you when you show me where it is in the bible. You say Proverbs 31 woman , she provides breakfast for her household…..i agree…did the bible say that she provides lunch and dinner too? Other versions say that she prepares food, did she wash the plates and clean the bathroom too?  There must be someone else helping her with those if its not stated in that breakfast scripture. You say her husband is respected at the gate, with the elders…i hear you. The bible did not say the he sits there all day long.
Leaving your wife to cater for all your cleaning needs and errands in the home whilst you sit down RELAXING…..and yet expect the house to be clean, childrwn well behaved and cared for, food tasty and well made and then shagging duties is plain wickedness…..and God hates the wicked. You are profiting from somebody else’s difficulties and distress.
The duties are many, but they feel it less as a burden when you are there….if it happens that you have never washed a plate before you married her and she has never taught you how to do it, bring a chair and sit with her whilst she washes the plate…tell her how beautiful her backside looks when she bends and gets up to rinse the dishes. …take the stress of the work off, by being available to cheer her up….turn the phone off. ….then watch her and learn how she APPLIES THE SOAP TO THE PLATE AND USES A SPONGE TO WIPE IT…same as you do to your body in the morning! !!!!!!

Treating your wife nicely is not a wish, its a command from God.
Many husbands are attending several night vigils and prayer meetings and talks about prosperity…..the answer to your breakthrough may be with tidying up your bedroom whilst you allow your wife put her feet up.
Other benefits include….
You will lose weight..which means that you are less likely to suffer from impotence!!!!
You will be fit
You are less likely to have a heart attack because your heart will be used to supplying your body when you are busy
Your wife will be pleased with you…and you know that you really need that…because God considers that when He wants to bless you.
Your wife will now have no reason to say she is tired when its time for THE JOURNEY TO JERUSALEM!!!!!!!
What more can i say?
If the lord can help you to achieve these stated above……..your life is sorted…
Having said all these, sisters, whether the plate is cleaned and it has a few spots…DONT COMPLAIN….practice makes perfect.
If the jollof rice is made with palm oil…smile and eat it joyfully….if it has too much salt, just make sure you have a large glass of water to dilute the salt as you eat…..More importantly, bind every effect of the extra salt in your body….
Despise not the days of little beginnings, but find a way to instruct after loads of THANK YOUs!!!!!
And dont ever complain again about not getting help when all you do is trying to prove how much of a super woman you are RUNNING A PERFECT HOME…..who cares about helping someone who is just perfect on their own?

Brothers, leaving your wife to do all the household work whilst you run to chucrh services or sit in fromt of the TV will not only put you in disfavour before God, you will suffer in your home when that woman becomes bitter and the heaven is shut against you, God gave you a wife to love not to enslave…do somethng about it….



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