Todays Exhortation 23-Mar-2018

The first task or job God gave man was to tend a garden. I believe this is symbolic. Jesus told a parable of the sower in Matthew 13 likening the seed sown to the word which is heard.

In my little garden, I’m amazed by how flowers planted several years ago simply replicate themselves and before long multiply. Some others I had left for dead but the rains come and the plants blossom. It is a miracle!

Let us ponder on the power of the Seed this morning. Every seed has life in itself to reproduce after its kind. That is why an orange seed always bears orange fruit. No matter how inconsequential or sad the seed looks, it has life but our naked eyes cannot see it. The seed is in a form we do not recognize. However, for the seed to bear fruit, it must be cast into the ground.

There are no impatient farmers. Every farmer knows there is seedtime and harvest time. There is a time to plant and a time to reap. A farmer does not go to the farm to plant corn and returns the next to harvest. If he does that, people simply know he is new to the trade and very ignorant.

As God’s children, with a plan and a purpose on this Earth, we have a bag of seed. And there is a set time to plant. That time is NOW.

The method of planting is by speaking the word of God out of your lips. This translates to casting seed into the ground. The words come out with energy and are pushed out into the soil. As you keep speaking and not doubting and align your hearts to the truth of God’s word even when the seed looks “funny” or “impotent”. Do not stop, do not let the devil deceive you. He doesn’t want you to plant the seed. He wants you to speak His language and agree with Him. Don’t!

The seed might not seem like much but keep speaking it, keep thanking Him for it. Keep acting like it is working because it is. Don’t stop to uproot it (by speaking negatively); no farmer does that. Just keep planting and watering the seed with your praise. It will reap a harvest.

The beauty of this is that God has given us symbols of plants to help us know that if it works in the natural, it is because it has produced results in the spirit. God’s word always works and when the harvest comes, like my plants, it will propagate so much that you will be blessed to become a blessing.

So what is that seed you are planting- for health, you will work in Divine health and your hands will also heal others.

For finances, you will have more than you need and be a blessing to others.

For favor, you will so radiate, people will be drawn to your life.

All you have to do is plant the seed and wait for the Harvest.

Isn’t God good?

  • Bible Verses: Matthew 13: 1-23
  • Psalm 126:6
  • Genesis 2:15
  • Isaiah 58:8

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  1. Thank you for this timely reminder. The word of God says, whatsoever we lay our hands to do will prosper. Ameh Abdul as you lay your hands on this examination this time, you will prosper,the lord will cause your hands & fingers to write success in Jesus name.

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