Emotions are passengers in your car.

Today’s Exhortation 06-Apr-2018

This morning on my way to work I saw a young girl crying and an older woman looking on concerned but shaking her shoulders gently with an expression I read as “Chin up, wipe your tears”. I don’t know them so I am just extrapolating but it got me thinking.

Often, situations or circumstances shake us. How often, though are we told to “chin up”, “man up” or be strong. Loads of times, we brace ourselves, cry a bit but after a while we become so ‘dead’ that we sometimes do not feel anything.

For others, giving in to their emotions is easy, they cry, wail, get angry and manifest every possible emotion until they are spent. What exactly should our modus operandi be as Children of God?

David was a man after God’s own heart. The book of Psalms is filled with the expressions of this man’s heart towards God. When David was angry, God knew, when he was tired, he expressed it. When he felt like giving up, he didn’t ignore but cried out (Ps 27:10). When he needed help (Ps ), you knew it, when he was joyful we can feel his joy (Ps 341-4; 35:9-10). When he was in danger, he cried out to God (Ps 57). He looked back and reflected on God’s deliverance (Ps 18). When he confessed his sin (Psalm 32) His longing for the things of God are evident just reading through the scriptures.

He was honest with God without being combative or insulting. He laid his heart bare before us. Some of us have been told not to question God. From the Psalms, we can see a trend of questioning. Psalm 10:1, Ps 42:9b, Ps 44:24b, Ps 74:10. Asking questions not necessarily requiring answers but with a desire to be honest with God is an intent I’m sure God will not disdain.

So how do we live this Christian life noting that giving in to our emotions sometimes can be tantamount to allowing the devil full rein in our affairs.

God gave us emotions. The same way we can touch and see and smell, we can cry and laugh and shout. Emotions help us become aware of people (discernment), of situations and how we react to things. They are a rope and not the anchor.

Staying hooked to our emotions is not a good thing. Emotions should be the passenger in the car and not the driver. When our emotions get the better of us, we find that we have a crazy driver taking us to destinations we do not want to go. However, when they are the passenger in your vehicle, they point our interesting landmarks or stop signs or help you find where you are going. The decision then lies with you to either listen or discard the advise you are given. You should always take charge of your emotions, not the other way around.

When you give in to your emotions, you are walking by the flesh. Galatians 5:16-18 admonishes us not to gratify the desires of the flesh. We are to be the led by the Spirit which leads to peace.

This morning’s admonition is to say, don’t let anyone tell you to stop crying again. Don’t bury that feeling. Pick it up, hold it, weigh it but put it down when you have learned from it. It should not be your master but a tool. Be honest with God about how you feel. Remember He is your father and best friend and wants you to know him. Instead of clamping down and pretending “this” does not exist, be honest.

Remember your emotions are not to lead you. You are to guide them as you grow up in Him. We cannot do this on our own so we ask for the Holy Spirits help.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, you know my every thought and everything I need to say even before I say it. I feel <<Insert the feeling here>> and need your help to know what I am to do with it. Let me learn the lesson you want me to learn from this experience, situation or person and above all be glorified in my every thought and deed in Jesus name, Amen.


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