Do you need fuelling up?

Today’s exhortation – 11/06

Do you need fuelling up?

If you live in Nigeria, I bet you are used to hearing the phrase “fuel scarcity”. In recent times, another wave of fuel scarcity hit town. Everywhere you turn, there are massive queues of cars and humans with ‘jerry cans’ at filling stations, waiting to have their fuel need met. Most of the time, people queue up not sure the filling station has fuel, but because they can see other cars queuing up. And after waiting and wasting time, they realise no fuel! Sad!

Have you wondered how something like fuel seems to have the power to cripple the economy? Everything changes! Costs go up, people get agitated, angry and sometimes humbled by the thought of having no fuel. It is after all able to ground life to a slow halt!

Do you seem crippled? Can’t seem to make the right decisions, walk the right path, do the right things….? When was the last time you ‘fuelled’ up? Are you waiting to fuel up at the wrong filling station?

Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path

The Bible has the fuel power to boost your life economy. You just probably don’t realise how important it is….yet

Fuel up on the Word today for a smooth sailing life journey 🙂


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