Candle ● Fragrance ●…..

Before you got born again, you could get any man, you prepared and rehearsed.

A lot of us did this when we were not born again , but we seem to have lost the skills now , because we think Jesus hates it when we have too much fun!!!!

Ladies, married there something wrong with preparing and setting the mood?

When did you last do it?

We need your help here.

The busy lifestyle we live means that most of the time, you have no thought at all for sex.

We know that the mans mind and body works differently from our….once they see, they go.

How do you work towards setting the mood for regular sex in your marriage?




what is your own tool?

What worked and what didnt?

How do you get him in the mood?

Remember , if everyone is quiet, no  one learns anything


  1. OrenteFide01

    At the early stage of our marriage we usually enjoy sex to the fullest, I bought scent candles and put on beautiful short night gowns……….but recently we’ve been having sex only for the purpose of conception especially when we are waiting parent. But am planning to rekindle the fire of sweet love making.

  2. brendastanley

    There is always something a man likes about his wife. Le hub loves my thick legs, so whenever I want to set the mood, I’ll be on my short transparent nightwear. He must look there ni o.

  3. Atoketodundun

    It use to be very hot before and after marriage, but as kids started coming, mood change. No more suckling of lollipop, and those bitchly stuff, now is just one way traffic, u tired from long day job & in ur mind is just do what u want to do and let me be! May the Lord help us to re-kindle our fire ooooo(amin)😀😀😀

  4. Spicyhoney

    Hubby is hyper in this matter ooo, so no need for him to wait for my invite most times. But once in a while i call his attention by being on revealing wears to welcome him from work, he can’t resist seeing my backside, he will instantly go on hard. I never do the candle thing. Maybe when the kids are away for holiday, i will try the candle style of setting mood for sex.

  5. Shandy

    I love to make advances in the morning, come back home and prepare his favorite meal, prepare my bedroom, after dinner , do all the chores, take a shower and invite him for a gist from there, will start with romance and off we go to Jerusalem

  6. Bukztosweet

    Mine is just do and go o, especially cos hubby is a sex Greek, he never get tired. So starting it is no use cos we must do o. But I make sure I enjoy it especially wen he he suck my lollipop, cos dt really put me on fire.

  7. Xty

    I have stylish night wears I rock on different occassions and these makes meaning to him whenever i wore his favourite one with the dining set along, the first question he ask is which food is available and I table both, physical and myself and he will gladly ask me to choose for him,no dulling ,off to bedroom first before coming back to re-energise his strength

  8. Sweetbabe

    We use to have sex on a regular bases in the first five months of our marriage (which is just one year) but things changed and we only have sex sometimes once a week. I noticed that his libido has dropped and complained to him, but he keeps giving me excuses. I use to be active sexually but i have really lost interest in it. Even when he asks for it now, my mind will just say “do whatever you want to do and let me sleep”. He’ll sometimes ask me if and why i don’t want sex, i’ll only reply nothing bcos i don’t want him to think or say i’m complaining too much about it. As to putting him in the mood, i don’t know what to do about that…… as he tends bury himself in his phone reading news after dinner.

      1. Living Branch

        That’s true sis… please pray about it so as to have a soft landing and positive result, then talk to him. your marriage is too young to lose its savour. It is well ma.

  9. HippyB

    My hubby is not really the romantic type, so I’ve not tried all the candles and flowers stuff. But he sure enjoys seeing me in sexy lingerie. So, anytime I’m in the mood, I send the kids to bed early, shower and wear my sexxxy nightie. Then, I parade upandan in front of him o,as he’s watching news. Then, the news becomes history….

  10. Jewel

    Mine is that I don’t really like sex any more cause hubby is always in hurry for business or other things but I pretend as if I so his mind will still be at home. Because he always run home anytime I say lovely things to him.any words of appreciation or love is interpreted for sex by him.may God help me I will try to change somethings now. Thanks ma for opening our eyes to our bedroom again.

  11. Chinchin

    Few months into marriage, sex was good and something to look forward to but now i would say it really does not exist in my head. Hubby to busy and most times tired from work or sometimes not even in town just makes it pretty difficult coupled with the recent low libido. We just find time to do the do and move on.

  12. amicable

    Hubby doesn’t wait for my invite oooo,he is romantically wired😊. But once in a long while I do where Skippy night wear,or send lovely texts or a sexy call. With this,he knows something is amiss. Anytime anyday anywhere,he is always in the mood except if there is quarrel ❤

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