I have been hurt by words many times.

No woman will have a different view. It’s because we are just like that.

I started searching for ways of helping myself, so I don’t have to live in the bondage of those who are out to hurt. In the journey of self –discovery, I found out that most people who hurt with words do so because they are hurting.

They want to fight back.

They want to prove a point.

They need to vent their displeasure

They may not even be aware of what they are doing.

The Bible says that he that does not offend in words, the same is a perfect man.

God acknowledges that OFFENCE IN WORDS is a serious issue.

Lives have been ruined because someone who is feeling bad wants to get back at someone.

People go through emoti0onal tortures because your bitter words keep coming back to them.

People have thought of committing suicide because they could not stomach your harsh words and your words have taken away hope from them.


Social media has even made it more permissible…..anger expressed by frustrated souls at people they don’t know.

As believers, the word of God is applicable everywhere and anyhow.

Before you speak, before you type, ask, inquire…

Will these words give life?

Will it minister grace to those who read and hear it?

Will it help their life to get better?

Will they see Christ in what you have said and written?

Don’t let the bitterness that you feel spread to others through your words

If you have had nasty life experiences, don’t pour out on innocent people and spread the circle of  bitterness, run to Him who can envelope you with His love and heal your hurt….then get help from those who are able to help you through the love of God.

Let no corrupt(ing) communication come out of your mouth , but that which is good for edification…

Get a border control for your tongue this morning….LET NOTHING ESCAPE WITHOUT PUTTING IT THROUGH THE TEST….

Before you post/comment on social media, ask yourself….WILL CHRIST BE SEEN IN MY COMMENT?

Be gracious in your speech. The goal is to bring out the best in others in a conversation, not put them down, not cut them out. COLOSSIANS 4:6 MSG

Let no man suffer emotional or psychological trauma because of your words…STOP SPREADING YOUR HURT….Let God heal you, then get help to deal with what you have had to go through….its just natural to want to hurt back when you have been hurt, please don’t, let the cycle end with you.



  1. Jesus baby

    Bless you ma. Someone once told me that we were not the same. She stopped her kids from moving with my kids. She stopped all communication with me just.because we were owing we just relocated and things were not going too well. I just had my baby, no job the one my husband was doing was not enough. But today to God be the glory. It is well

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