Even if you are sent by God to missionary fields, you still dont have to allow that calling to affect bedroom matters.

Some of us are afraid of trying new things.

I would like us to discuss the different styles available and what pros and cons they have,

I must say that weight plays an important role in what styles you can do.

If you are weighing 120kg and hubby weighing 50kg, he is not likely to be able to carry you properly, pls dont break his back.

So ladies, lets talk about what we have tried and how it went. Was it comfortable?

What effects did you get with the styles.


  1. Pleasant

    Spooning method: I call it the lazy style u are both relaxed. The woman lays on one side and the man comes from behind holding your underbust for support.
    Cowgirl reverse style: I like this style cos I’m in charge, I stay on top to ride with my back facing him and I ride all the way. It requires enough energy especially your legs πŸ˜€πŸ˜.
    Chairing style: the man sits on a studded chair eg dinning chair or any chair of ur sort. Then u climb and sit on his penis this gives deep penetration he can suck ur boobs at the same time.
    Doggy/wheel barrow style : this gives deep penetration too.
    Both legs up: don’t do this style if u have just eaten o so u won’t vomit.
    Leaning on the headrest of the settee or deep freezer:πŸ˜€πŸ˜ he comes from behind note hubby must be taller than the woman to enjoy this style
    Lots of style I hereby rest my case so I won’t be termed spoilt I have tried out numerous styles ooo too much to mention 😯😁😁.

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