I will be back….

8th January 2018

In the time when people are scared of travelling, because of the fear of disaster,  when you travel away from home, you know and you are hopeful that someday, you will return, you will see your loved ones and you will be restored.
Soldiers go through the worst torture in the world……they see their destruction every day.

The war front is a place of bloodshed.They see their  friends dying and colleagues wasted. The reality of this is before them daily.

If you keep looking at the wounded and the war casualties,  you will lose heart and your morale will drop and you will lose the will to even fight hard.

Experienced soldiers have managed to deal with the dread of being wasted, they encourage themselves daily. This is the hope that keeps our soldiers alive when they go to war.

They have the pictures of their family members in their room….some of the keep it in their pockets , that is the motivation that spurs them on….they fight tirelessly. Some get wounded to the point of losing their lives, but they hold on…with the hope of returning home!

They tell their loved ones, I WILL COME BACK…I WILL BE BACK!

Most of us women dont see ourselves coming back!!!!!
We know that you are weak and wounded….

 Sisters, are you at the war front?

 What has caused you to be beaten is obvious to all…..

 The bible calls it cups of terror!

Heyyyy…….fright at the greatest level. Nothing held back!!

It was so bad that those who should be consoling you are the same ones you are mourning!!!
What hope is left for you when the person designated to save you has perished before your eyes. They fell before they could help you.

I hear people say, the person who promised to help me have died! The husband to whom I promised my life has left. The child to whom my joy is tied is gone.

Life , from that moment onwards becomes a strain! It looks like God has gone on holiday!

You carry your tattered and dashed hopes  in your hands, all alone, all by yourself.

 The Lord has this to say…

 Isaiah 51: 17-23, 11Wake up, wake up, O Jerusalem!You have drunk the cup of the Lord’s fury.You have drunk the cup of terror,tipping out its last drops. Not one of your children is left aliveto take your hand and guide you. These two calamities have fallen on you:desolation and destruction, famine and war.And who is left to sympathize with you?Who is left to comfort you? For your children have fainted and lie in the streets,helpless as antelopes caught in a net.The Lord has poured out his fury;God has rebuked them. But now listen to this, you afflicted ones who sit in a drunken stupor,though not from drinking wine. This is what the Sovereign Lord,your God and Defender, says:“See, I have taken the terrible cup from your hands.You will drink no more of my fury. Instead, I will hand that cup to your tormentors,those who said, ‘We will trample you into the dust and walk on your backs.’”

Isaiah 51:11: Those who have been ransomed by the Lord will return.They will enter Jerusalem singing,crowned with everlasting joy.Sorrow and mourning will disappear,and they will be filled with joy and gladness..

I had to rearrange this scripture and put verse 11 after the later verse so as to drive home the message….

The Lord God of hosts says that you may be walking  with terror in your eyes and your heart today….But you will return with rejoicing!


 You will return …..with singing , crowned!!!

 What a relief! What a hope!

 Jewels, today, you may have woken up on a sojourn of many years that has caused sorrow…the lord has made provision for a roundabout where you will exit and a track that is laid by promises in His words, will lead you back to Him, only that this time, you will have a VICTORIOUS  SONG.

 I need to get me a new pair of dancing shoes…..as long as I keep in His will……I am returning….with a song!

 I WILL NOT PERISH WITH THIS CHALLENGE, I WILL RETURN! I will keep saying it until it becomes more real to me than the challenges confronting me…I WILL RETURN. ..SURELY..

At the end of 2018, you will return, ban full and nothing missing. Restored and glorified, you will return.


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