Dr Omobola Jeffreys is a woman whose heart is sold out to God.

She supports and encourages women to stand in support of their husband as they achieve their godly purpose.

A practical teacher of the word who reaches out to many, with compassion.

She believes in restoration of broken families and equipping women with the knowledge needful for making godly choices and decisions.

She works as a family doctor. She also uses her medical knowledge to empower women.

She is happily married with children.

Dr Omobola Jeffreys welcomes invitation to be a blessing to women all over the world.



  1. beefash

    I celebrate God in your life. You have got the right word for every situation. I pray you continue to fulfill the demands of God by being a blessing unto our generation.

  2. Bisi Badewa

    i am overwhelmed and inspired by your write ups. the Lord continue to empower you ma. just wondering how i can be part of this good work. how can i be a member?

    1. OMOB

      Thank you maam. If you are not yet a member, you can join us on Facebook. There you will be a part of everything we do and can fulfil your own desire in the ministry

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