As the day draws near, every pregnant woman finds themselves more and more uncomfortable. Most of us dont know what to do with ourselves. You are not comfortable sitting, lying, standing, sleeping ….anything you do is a bit of an effort. You want to be done, but you cant beContinue Reading

We travelled back home from the London conference last Saturday. As we returned home  it was late and it was already dark. Hubby put the satellite navigation  on and we settled into our journey. At a point,  the sat nav advised that we had 1 hour remaining on the journeyContinue Reading

I spent some time ‘gisting about God’ last week and an older woman shared her experience with me. She had to travel from one country to another. She had 6 travel companions. She discovered that she needed some paperwork urgently, without which she would need to pay for a changeContinue Reading

A few years ago, i enjoyed my daughters favourite Tv cartoon ! Who lives in the pineapple under the sea? Spongebob squarepant!It was a lovely sunny day in Bikini Bottom! The beautiful town under the sea!!!! And spongebob and his friend Patrick were strolling round the city centre and wonderingContinue Reading