A few years ago, after dropping the children off at our family friends, we headed back to the hotel. Excited about spending the rest of the evening together, it was not long before we met the road works. They had started fixing the road just after we drove past , andContinue Reading

Did it pain you? Sorrryyyyyyy. Have you heard that before? I heard it several times as the nurses gave me injections . Growing up in an area where malaria was so common, I had got used to the sting of the sharp needle that propelled a good dose of ChloroquineContinue Reading

The wedding night is an amazing night So we heard. But its not always the same, amazing night for a lot of people. Most of us have been taught to keep the legs closed until marriage and then we dont know what exactly to do on wedding night. Some dreadContinue Reading

It is amazing what a simple understanding can do. You know that there are words Which are commonly used and one has never really bothered to think deeply about them. One of them is SHAME. Just the sound of it makes yon well up with some negative emotions screaming IContinue Reading

8th May 2017 Sometime early spring two years ago, I flew from London on an international trip. Just after boarding, everyone was expectant. Full of adrenaline. The pilot introduced himself and advised us that there was some security check ongoing and that we will soon be on our way. HeContinue Reading

I was beginning to wonder why a rich person will be envious of the poor. Why will a master be envious of his servants and the results they get. It must be that the servant has something that the master doesn’t. The servant in his position does nor see itContinue Reading