I needed a new laptop. The one I had was misbehaving and slowing down my work, so I was desperate for another. However, I had my desired specifications for the new laptop, particularly the size. I checked out laptops online and eventually settled for one that I thought suitable enough,Continue Reading

Today’s exhortation 22/02/2017 “You have a very beautiful home!” “Wow! I love your home” “This house is very nice” “Your home is lovely” All these and many more were the kind of comments I would get whenever anyone visited my house for the first time. Of course I would smileContinue Reading

I am always amazed at how much the UK authority make a fuss about goods that are out of date! They make us believe that such goods are not safe. These products look like what you expect them to look, but the features of some of them are from designsContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation 16/02/17 I had problem with the toilet in my office. It was broken and I needed to get a plumber. Luckily for me, I had his number and I called him. I was in more ‘luck’ as he was just round the corner from the office and wasContinue Reading

When my son was much younger, he got confused every time I got upset with him , most especially because I didn’t quite know how to balance motherly love with correction. He would look for ways to cheer me up when he noticed that I was not smiling. He wouldContinue Reading

While watching “Son of God” (somewhat a remix of  “Jesus of Nazareth”), I made some observations from which I drew lessons. For instance, I observed that Jesus’ disciples were people who didn’t have it all figured out or ‘put together’. They were people who had their momentary doubts and uncertainties aboutContinue Reading

Long story but I will try to summarize it… Met my hubby in Uni. He was president of my fellowship then. We had a Pastor /Member relationship for a while and gradually became friends.  After his graduation he came back  one day and said ‘…I want to marry you.  HeContinue Reading

I met my husband 10 years ago in London. He was a student and I had finished my university degree and running a postgraduate programme. Being born again and watched every minute by my mother, I knew that I had to make the right choice in marriage . The firstContinue Reading

My sisters,I know that you like hawt gists, so I have come with one. Few weeks ago, I got a message in my facebook inbox. It was one of those suspicious ones. Hello ma, please send me your number. This is very urgent. I am sending this from my wife’sContinue Reading

Going through the training in the UK, you will get allocated a supervisor. The supervisor is not designed to be your best friend. They are not there to celebrate your strengths. Their commitment to the training board takes precedence. Its their job, to make sure that they watch your everyContinue Reading