Presently, there is so much  going on in Nigeria; different speculations here and there. If you are very conversant with social media, you will understand what I’m saying. Some of the speculations flying around are pretty scary and it feels like we are somewhat approaching a huge mountain of crisis.Continue Reading

It is a general belief that God loves everyone . Yes , He does, but some people carry more weight in His sight than others. Many times, we learn spiritual things by physical occurrences. I watched the swearing-in ceremonies of heads of states. I see it when the royals go outContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 27/01/17 Read your bible! Whenever it’s my turn to put up an exhortation for God’s jewels, I stop to think what the Lord would have me write. Sometimes I think it’s a story and I start to write then realise nah…not this! Most times I only knowContinue Reading

I got to the guy fixing watches. My watch needed a new battery…and, probably new straps too. I told the guy what I wanted. He told me the price. I thought it was ridiculously high. He said, “Quality is better than quantity,” and proceeded to show me the supposed ‘low-quality’Continue Reading

When the bible says that when you walk with the wise , you become wise, God meant it. There is something about wisdom that rubs off on you from little interactions. I spent some time ‘gisting about God’ last week and an older woman shared her experience with me. SheContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation 20/01/17 Paw Patrol (a cartoon) came up on TV and I heard an excited voice: “Mommy, you have to watch this episode!” When I hear such ‘instruction’, sometimes I listen because it means I’m about to be schooled…lol. I wasn’t wrong. This particular episode had been repeated over and over (asContinue Reading

Students come and go. After graduation; some you see again, some you don’t get to see anymore. Though I understand that it may never happen, there are some of my students I wish to see again. Over time, I noticed that I had kept alive, the ‘dream’ of seeing twoContinue Reading

I sat on the toilet bowl, trying so hard to empty my bowel to no avail. The bowel movement came on strongly but the stool resisted ‘solidly’. I stood, I paced, I sat, I drank water and all but still couldn’t pass anything. I was in great discomfort. I foundContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 16/01 I went to the salon with my daughter. While we were being attended to, my daughter wanted some water to drink. I asked one of the salon attendants to help us get a bottle of water from the shops. When she brought it, it didn’t lookContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 11/01 Be patient. When my son was 4 years old, he got to a point whereby he was eager to be 5. I think all children kind of pass through that phase and it’s worse with teenagers *eyes rolling*. Anyway, my son was so eager to beContinue Reading