Several years ago, Nigeria played a match against another country. Dont ask me the name…lol. I think it was 1996…. Many of my friends fasted and prayed regarding this match and it was as though all hopes were lost. We were beaten flat and out…..until the last few minutes ofContinue Reading

ROBOCOP 1 Does that sound familiar? Yes, it was a handiwork of man that had the power to do anything, it had the power to destroy. When given the opportunity, it would destroy the good and no one can challenge it……I bet some of us believe that movie. We believedContinue Reading

Ralia’s village has been invaded by soldiers. It was said that the soldiers came from far. They have captured Ralia. Her mother wept non stop for days. What a sorrow. She had dreamt of the day that Ralia would be given away in marriage. She had dreamt about the dayContinue Reading

In the time when people are scared of travelling, because of the fear of disaster,  when you travel away from home, you know and you are hopeful that someday, you will return, you will see your loved ones and you will be restored. Soldiers go through the worst torture inContinue Reading

Its such a sad sight. Its an ugly sight. Blood all over the road and precious souls wasted. Well before these horrific accidents, speed limits were set. The authority makes rules about driving and safe driving , in a bid to ensure that whoever will drive a car in theContinue Reading