Today’s exhortation 30/09/16 He covers you. I was returning home from work. Seated at the passenger side, I was flicking through my phone when I heard a loud commotion outside. I noticed my husband had slowed down then he said, “An accident just happened”. It seemed strange though because everything wasContinue Reading

The ‘zip up’ propaganda is quite familiar, but surely, the trousers ain’t the only thing that needs to be zipped. Just as an unzipped trousers can cause lots of damage, an unzipped mouth can cause greater havoc. “We get it wrong nearly every time we open our mouths. If youContinue Reading

Prosperity is tagged with righteousness and godliness. And the lack of it with godlessness and sinfulness. A little delay is deemed to be because God is punishing you! Thus the need for us children of God, to help God, so we can share a testimony of how we PRAYED andContinue Reading

Some years ago, i sat in my office and a client attanded for consultation. The first question they asked me was ‘how long have you been doing this? I asked why they asked the question. They replied, because you look so young. In his mind, I was old enough toContinue Reading

We interact everyday. We form opinions and mindsets about the people we interact with based on the consistency (or inconsistency) of their character or behaviour, and this informs our disposition towards them. For instance, if someone is constantly known to be a man of his word, we tend to believeContinue Reading

Every parent will panic if their 2 year old child suddenly loses his ability to walk independently. We get excited when the child is independent and starts to walk. We clap and cheer them on. If you wake up on day and the child who was walking suddenly starts toContinue Reading

I have taken time to observe the little children from our neighbouring country who beg alms in our market places or motor parks. One thing common to them is the tenacious attitude with which they beg alms. Once any of them decides to approach you for ‘help’, he (she) latchesContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation 14/09/16 Stop running. “Please stop running around like Flash! If you fall and begin to cry because you refused to listen, I won’t pet you and I will most likely spank you as well” That was me doing what mothers know how to do best – shouting atContinue Reading

Anyone can serve God when things are rosy and smooth. When you get married immediately afer leaving the university and a job offer waiting for you a few weeks after honeymoon. When your husband is well behaved and your womb conceived withour delay. You ask and everything falls in line,Continue Reading

The world wonders what the ace It only that I have been saved by His grace Lost to His voice His love found me crumbled and fallen through my choices I could never have qualified for His visitation It was His own choice to bring me to His habitation TheContinue Reading