Today’s exhortation – 26th July Secure Your Future Imagine you were at home and your friend comes to you and asks that you escort her to a place you didn’t know about. Imagine you agreed because she’s your friend and you thought you trusted her judgement and you didn’t reallyContinue Reading

Some things are just not befitting for royalty. Prince Harry was a teenager and has a right to live the moment. He was young and he was inquisitive. He wil’ never be a teenager again, so he needs to enjoy every moment.But wait, he is third in line to theContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation 20/07/16 When men say there is a casting down…. I was speaking with some friends recently and somehow we ventured into a very common trending topic – the state of our economy and how it has affected a lot of things. She said “I always watch the newsContinue Reading

There is no one without fear, it is what we fear that differs. I have taken several steps in life , ones in which I had to develop confidence in myself, when there was no one to tell me that I could do it. A lot of times, I wasContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 11/07/16 When I was younger, I wrote myself a love letter. But it wasn’t from myself. You see, I’ve always loved to write and have a very imaginative mind. Melancholies have very vivid imaginations and deep thinking is our thing. Anyway, I digress… My letter was fromContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 06/07/2016 My daughter’s fish died. It was a painful morning. We were preparing for school and she went to the kitchen to drop her plate after breakfast when I heard a piercing scream. Fearing the worst, I jumped up and was heading to the kitchen when sheContinue Reading

As i waited for a word to bring to you this morning, the lord brought a scripture to my memory.   Immigration officers are very attentive. Even though they are human and liable to error, they cannot afford to make any error of judgement with their job. A lot dependsContinue Reading