Years ago, i had a disagreement with a dear sister, because i believed that i had been accused wrongly. We both felt really bad and hurt. My heart was heavy and i went before the lord, as i worshiped in church the next day. The lord told me to giveContinue Reading

Recently, Nigerians experienced a shortage of tomatoes, they are now recovering. I found out that a lot of women turned to carrots and watermelon for their stew and sauces. They became substitutes for tomatoes. The truth is that these were there before , just because we were looking only inContinue Reading

Every building is unique, even if they are in an estate. There is something that distinguishes one premises to another. ITS THE DESIGN OR PLAN …..of the house. When a builder is planning and they have decided what they can afford and realistically assessed the real cost, and bought theContinue Reading

Still talking about building a great marriage. YOU NEED A LAND TO BUILD…. The bible talks about a wise man building his house on the rock where water and wind and the weathers will not be able to blow it. Matthew 7:24-27Living Bible (TLB) 24 “All who listen to myContinue Reading

When you intend to build, costs are real, so you need to be real. BE REALISTIC WITH WHAT YOUR EYES ARE SEEING… A neighborhood of thieves will not suddenly become holy. If you want to build, make sure that you look at what is obvious on the land that youContinue Reading

I often see posts about fighting for one’s marriage. As always, i have started to question my knowkege and beliefs about this , just like many other things that i have come to accept as default. If you are fighting to keep a building up, that means someone failed toContinue Reading

Not all life patnerships are meant to last forever. There are people who will come into our lives for a season but they are not part of the trip to promise land… Someone says….THANK YOU, OMOB, i have always known that my husband is for a season, I SAY….WAKE UPContinue Reading

For most people in the Uk, they have a contract with a telecommunication provider. You have an agreement with them , that for a period of twelve or twenty four months, you will pay them an amount of money. And they will supply you with airtime. For most of us,Continue Reading

I used to wonder how lifeguards do their job. They manage to spot people who need help. They almost always look out…they know the signs A shout Flapping hands A coloured swimming suit thats gone away from their view….. I am sure they have many more things they look for..Continue Reading