I grew up in a village, so i remember the sounds of the rain water dropping on the corrugated iron sheet. Having suffered from the heat, the initial sound of the rain falling is a welcomed noise. It promises you that coolness will soon be an experience. But then, asContinue Reading

There are some words that we dont like to say. Even the sound of them make us feel like we are doing the wrong things. One of them is FEAR…. Just saying it sends shivers down your spine. Today, we will be looking at the good fear…the fear that saves,Continue Reading

My family flew on this very long flight. The children had been looking forward to this holiday for a long time. They had counted down from 120 days. In fact, i ended up promising that I will never give them such an information too far from departure date. They weariedContinue Reading

One lesson i am learning in life is to never look down on anyone. Every time I remind myself of how God bring people from nowhere and makes them somebody relevant , it just charges my heart to not give up on myself. I think we need such thoughts aboutContinue Reading

I have never stopped wondering what must have been going on in the mind of the woman who has just lost all her children who is then requesting her husband to commit suicide!!!! Shall we say that she was depressed or shall we say that she had a hidden agenda.Continue Reading

Those who are close to me always marvel out how my husband addresses me….he calls me ‘MY WIFE’. In the first few years of my marriage, i kept wondering his reason for this beautiful name, oh yes, dont look at me so funny now……i know that i am his wife,Continue Reading

Today, we will be standing in faith with all our waiting mothers. This is the date that the lord has laid on my heart and I would like to invite you all to join in if you are seeking the fruit of the womb. In the mean time, i would likeContinue Reading

With all the recent events on social media, I have come to conclude that the enemy is within the family. The family of God. The gospel of the lord Jesus gives a woman a definition, it gives us a face where we would have been condemned and hidden . ItContinue Reading

No, i didnt laugh!!!!!! Our human minds tells us that we need to be perfect before we can receive a testimony. Our preachers tell us that we need to sow a particular amount of seed before God will bless us. Our leaders give open credit to only those who deserveContinue Reading