The ceiling fan’s switch malfunctioned, so I got an electrician to fix it. He replaced it with one ‘fancy’ switch like that – never seen the type before, never handled its kind before. Well, I thought regulating the switch to control the speed of the fan wouldn’t be such aContinue Reading

Early this year, THYPRECIOUSJEWELS had a meeting in Atlanta Georgia. Being our first time, we didnt have a lot of people to call on to do the background work. God had spoken clearly that the meeting was his divine plan. Last year, i had planned to be somewhere else onContinue Reading

I have always enjoyed the smoothness of pounded yam. Most local  girls do. These days, life made easy, we can even make it with the mixer. Some power women don’t like the mixer-turned pounded yam….they and their family still insist on the pounded one!!! To these women, I give youContinue Reading

As a human being, most of us have a reliable support network, we have our friends who are there when we need them. In fact, some of us can almost vouch that they will do anything to help us. I have developed some strong bonds in life and ministry, someContinue Reading

I was so touched by this story and as a godly gossip bearer, i brought it home to my sisters…. Louis Vuitton went to the streets of london and picked some rubbish. He picked some really dirty rubbish that most people would have dropped in their bin….he gathered them together,Continue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 11/04/16   Recently, some people got me very angry. I remember thinking to myself all sorts of things I could do to get back at them. I deliberately shut my heart to the tugging of the Holy Spirit and went into a ‘plan my attack’ mode. ButContinue Reading

On behalf of women all over the world, can i get your attention guys. A woman is brought up to nurture and to care. A godly woman gives selflessly. Even an ungodly woman gives, but she does it on her terms…. We sometimes dont know when to stop. Having hadContinue Reading

A sister shared this testimony which got me thinking about Joseph. This sister was about to go on maternity leave. A junior colleague who she had taken as a friend asked that she shares some skills with her, which she did. When she returns from leave, she was told thatContinue Reading

Its a very common saying that when you know what your friend likes and you keep your behaviour within a reasonable range of the accepted, you will be friends for long. So, its only right to say that ‘for freinds who are very close and special to you, you indulgeContinue Reading