Sometime early spring last year, I flew from London on an international trip. The flight had a delay before take-off. The pilot introduced himself and advised us that there was some security check ongoing and that we will soon be on our way. He sounded so plausible and reassuring. ThirtyContinue Reading

I am used to seeing a few regular cars on my early morning drive to work. A few of us frequent road users know one another now. So, yesterday i saw a new car. What struck me was the light… was driving behind me. Naturally, to pass time, i wouldContinue Reading

If only we could see the results that God anticipated with our dilemmas, we would trust Him more. A preacher travelled to a town for a crusade. He was a lone preacher and could not afford to spead the news about the crusade. He hoped that When the strongman inContinue Reading

A lot of us women short change ourselves through life. I know that there are times when we fall into errors caused by other people, but then , a good number of times, our predicaments are caused by us. When we are desperate, we allow life and the society toContinue Reading

When you see persons constantly checking the wristwatch, table/wall clock, it’s most likely they are trying to keep up with an appointed time. Otherwise, no one really spends every second, minute, even hour checking the time. People go about their various activities, attending to their various businesses and engagements, whileContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 14/01 Shortcut, the longer route. I live in Lagos – the renowned ‘traffic’ city of Nigeria. I live in Lagos where chaos seems to be the order of the day. Oh, it’s a beautiful city but when traffic frustrations hit everyone, no one sees the beauty anymore.Continue Reading

The other day, I had a chat with an elderly family friend and our conversation was centered around money/wealth/riches and contentment. He made an intruiging statement—he said, “I don’t know about other people bearing this name (he mentioned his family name) elsewhere, but in my family it is a tabooContinue Reading

06/01/2016 My daughter asks so many questions!!! For a 7 year old, I think it’s pretty healthy she’s that inquisitive…but to a tired mum, it’s a bit too tasking. And yes I  lose my patience with all her questioning sometimes (I’m not perfect). The other day, after she had almostContinue Reading

I have lost great friends due to misunderstandings. Many women are in my shoes. They have lost great gifts and great treasures due to inability to manage a crisis. A lot of times, we tend to console ourselves that people walk away because they are no longer needed, YES, butContinue Reading

When you PANIC, you are not to far from becoming MANIC… Abraham was not the only old man who lacked a child, the Shunamite woman was married to an old man, which can only make me assume that she too was of age. The Bible says that her husband wasContinue Reading