After God created the world, He rested. Every word in the bible is for a reason. I was wondering at some point, why God decided to add this onto the list of phrases that must be in His Holy Book….He wanted it there for emphasis.   As the year runsContinue Reading

Mary was an innocent virgin girl. She was a common girl and lived in this beautiful but quiet town. She was not any different from her friends. THE COMMON, GIRL NEXT DOOR. Probably talked down by neighbours, simply because her hair was not as long as they expected. Her voiceContinue Reading

I was working as a trainee Family doctor. So i dressed down some days when going to work. One day, i conducted a telephone triage to a clients mum , they had been worried about the child. They wanted an appointment to attend the out of hours service. Having listenedContinue Reading

You have not given me a child. You better give me a grandchild… This is a sentence that breaks a woman’s heart. Your parents in law, sister in law, even neighbours in law look at you with…ONLY GOD KNOWS WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN look!!!! Funny enough, half of the couplesContinue Reading

My friend is not one to complain to me about money, well, at least not seriously. We frequently mock each other when we discuss our bank balance. Her is usually about 4 pounds and mine 3 pounds per time……for which reason she calls me poor and i call her rich.Continue Reading

Today’s exhortation 18/12/15 Every good gift! My daughter attended a party and in the party pack she brought home was a harmonica (mouth organ). She promptly started playing it and of course got her brother jealous. He coveted the mouth organ and was always sneaking to play it. How isContinue Reading

I love the Trisha show – so much drama and so much to learn as well. I mostly watch in amazement and imagine the baggage people carry around – some, wilfully and some, through no fault of theirs. Not too long ago, I watched an episode of the ‘Daddies inContinue Reading

I hear that the harmattan is blowing nice and cool in Nigeria. Suddenly, the heat has turned to cold. God , being the Almighty knows how to balance everything, so that we dont have too much of anything. Isn’t He amazing? As I thought about the popular dry, biting airContinue Reading

Abandoned projects lose their worth very quickly. When you a planning to sow a dress, you choose the style and then cut the chosen fabric into small pieces. After this, you start putting the pieces together , one by one. If anything happens to the tailor or the sewing machine,Continue Reading

Sosorobia…..thats what they are called. When a lady sprays one of those…her presence makes you think of finding a way of escape. You perceive a strong, overwhelming, but replusive smell. Its also called perfume…it just does not do the job right. As much as the ‘sprayer’ was hoping to attractContinue Reading