Its a new beginning. Its the month of our abiding hope…. There is hope! Did you hear that? There is hope! It’s a new season, this month, several people will have an encounter with their God-given destiny !Several wombs that were thought to be childless will conceive, and those whoContinue Reading

Amnesia is a serious disease for those who suffer from it… Its non medical meaning is MEMORY LOSS. Its so bad that the people who suffer from it, cant even recongnise that wife or husband who live with them. Their children are total strangers. They dont remember most of theirContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 27/11/15 Hold her up! Many years ago, when I was through with secondary school at the age of 16, I thought my world was made. I would immediately go on to university (especially as I passed my WAEC exams in one sitting) and study to become anContinue Reading

These days, everyone is a professional in life issues….hmmmmmm Brothers who are struggling with controlling sexual urges are heading singles forum in churches. Pastors who have a big taste for promiscuity are counselling waiting mothers in their bedrooms. People who have no idea of Gods standard and those whose covenantsContinue Reading

In all my flights in recent times, i have learnt to look for different routes of getting to my destination. The routes I tend to choose are routes that are very convenient, i want to spend a short time and still be safe. I decide what services the airlines offerContinue Reading

Its easy to point fingers at others and pick out where they are wrong. In fact, i am an expert in performing professional assesment for my colleagues. But, you know what? Shortly before my yearly appraisal, i have to assess myself. I need to look at myself and tell myselfContinue Reading

You will need the same bed! Women are intuitive. We have this amazing sense and we are able to pick things out easily. The shunamite woman qualifies for being called a WOMAN in every sense. The only issue was that her womb had not yet conceived a child. She hasContinue Reading

The ‘drunken woman’… The little boy who tended the sheep….. These are few of the names given by people who were supposed to know better. They were names given to people who did not seem good enough. They were the descriptions given to people who were being judged by knowledgeableContinue Reading

A woman in need is a very sorrowful woman, This is even nore so when the need is threatening the existence of her family. The widow of zarepath was such a woman. With no where to turn to, she waited in sorrow, hoping to have the last meal and die!Continue Reading

HE MADE THE SUN… Cares are normal part of living. Worries come up when we dwell on our cares and we panic when we think that things may get out of hand. There is a testimonial that the Lord brought before my eyes this morning. As I deliberated on itContinue Reading