Several injunctions abound in God’s word, the Bible. One of such, which Jesus gave shortly before His death was, “cheer up.” “I have told you all this so that you will have peace of heart and mind. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows; but CHEER UP,Continue Reading

Today’s exhortation 26/10/15 I try to laugh at my son’s jokes. He cracks such ‘dry’ jokes and expects me to laugh. As his mother, I have to encourage his ‘comedy ministry’ and cackle at those jokes. Else I hear a stern warning from him commanding me to laugh…. “Mummy you’reContinue Reading

What a love…. I am overwhelmed this morning …. I thought about people who have hurt me severally. In the first few days after the hurt, i feel so bad. We all do…. for some people, even for years after the hurt, they still feel so bad. The mere sightContinue Reading

Of all the types of cooked rice there are in this world, I love white rice the most. In fact, I only enjoy white rice, yes, plain ol’ white rice. I can manage jollof rice but you’d hardly catch me eating fried or coconut or what-have-you rice. I have hadContinue Reading

Ladies are so emotional. If you want to know how teary a movie is, ask a girly girl. Handkerchief in hand, wiping away tears when the princess finally falls into the hand of the prince. Having been held hostage by the evil godmother for a long time, she has sufferedContinue Reading

Lord, we thank you for the privilege of asking according to your word. As a body, we have come to ask regarding the meetings that you have outlined for THYPRECIOUSJEWELS over the next 4 weeks . Lord we ask that YOU ALONE BE SEEN in all these meetings. We askContinue Reading

15/10/15 – HE REWARDS! Released to us by Sis Bolanle Ibidun I watched a program on CNN sometimes ago where a soldier was recounting what he went through to save the life of a fellow soldier who strayed from the camp into the enemy’s territory and was captured. This soldierContinue Reading

Hmm… does, doesn’t it? I have heard this expression being used over and over again. People use it to justify their various choices, especially in relation to whom they are emotionally or romantically attached to or involved with. When asked why they have chosen to stick to a particular individualContinue Reading

Marriage is full of compromise Typically, with the social media allowing us to share more and more personal issues in public places, we now have the opportunity to advise people on their family life. I have noticed a trend that seem to be creeping in, but is still manageable amidstContinue Reading

There is not a better time to talk about this. For some marriages,  both parties cannot stand it. For some, there is serious disagreement because a party believes that this is right and the other disagrees. Does God restrict how much fun we can Have? Does God restrict the shagContinue Reading