Today’s exhortation – 30/09/15 MEESKA MOOSKA MICKEEEY MOUSE! That’s the opening catch phrase of the cartoon Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. If you’ve got children and the Disney Junior channel, then I’m sure you have days when your TV is set on this channel and you just find yourself watching Mickey MouseContinue Reading

There are some people, it doesnt matter what is happening in their lives, and around them, they are never short of a reason to complain.   They complain about daytime,  nighttime, rain, sun, moon and shine.   They complain about food and the lack of it . Nothing ever pleasesContinue Reading

In my line of duty,  I get to see people who are very unwell but do not know , people who are a bit unwell, people who are well but think they are unwell and people who are unwell but think that they are well.It’s my job to help themContinue Reading

My daughter is beautiful   Very often, i tell her this.   I dont just say ‘you are beautiful ‘ I take time to describe the features that i am talking about. You have big bright eyes Your skin is soft and lovely to touch You always wear a beautifulContinue Reading

This is a issue that we don’t talk about that much MASTURBATION….. What is it? Why do people do it? Does the bible say anything about it? Does God it hold it as sin against us if and when we do? Have you ventured into it? If you did, why?Continue Reading

In the corporate world, things are tough and will get only tougher over time. More people are competing for fewer places in high places. For you to distinguish yourself in your field,  you must do something diffent from the rest.   The truth is that you find people who areContinue Reading

The guy at the car wash was done; just a minute of inspection to see he had done a thorough job before paying up and I’d be off to run the important errand for the day. He bragged that he cleaned the boot very well, so off to the bootContinue Reading

In the year that I gave my life to Jesus, my brother was very worried about me. He said it to my face. ‘I know that women can be easily swayed’ So, who has told you all these funny things that you now believe strongly? It didnt take long beforeContinue Reading

A few months ago, I travelled to Canada and I forgot to turn off my phone from roaming. Whilst in Canada! my UK CONTRACT phone rang and I , as you would expect me to! picked the phone up and answered it. I listened to my voicemails as well. IContinue Reading

Then the LORD said to Abram, “You can be SURE that your descendants will be strangers in a foreign land, where they will be OPPRESSED as slaves for 400 years. But I will PUNISH the nation that enslaves them, and in the END they will COME AWAY WITH GREAT WEALTH……………AfterContinue Reading