Its such a sad sight. Its an ugly sight.   Blood all over the road and precious souls wasted.   Well before these horrific accidents, speed limits were set. The authority makes rules about driving and safe driving , in a bid to ensure that whoever will drive a carContinue Reading

In an establishment, there are different types of workers. Some are temporary staff members, some are permanent. Some are trainees and others come just to gain work experience before deciding which career path they will follow. Because of the variation of duties and experiences, the contracts will be different, soContinue Reading

At work, more times than I care to count, security personnel who don’t know me have mistaken me for a student, sometimes, even with my ID Card on; and the simple reason is because I look like a student! I understand this, so I try not to take offence wheneverContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 27/08/15 Secure Your Future Imagine you were at home and your friend comes to you and asks that you escort her to a place you didn’t know about. Imagine you agreed because she’s your friend and you thought you trusted her judgement and you didn’t really askContinue Reading

In the days before MTN and ECONET, who would have ‘thunk’ it that you could just pick the phone in Ughelli, Nigeria and send an instant message to New Jersey, USA! Who dared to call United Kingdom for 15 minutes on NITEL lines without having an issue of serious implicationContinue Reading

It was a Friday afternoon, my sisters and I sat at the back of our family car, mum sat in front, beside dad, who was driving. We were headed for the Redemption Camp to be a part of the Holy Ghost Congress. As usual, being a ‘Holy Ghost Friday’, thereContinue Reading

It was like every other day. Noah sat in the loft, having a ‘me time’ with God. Then God spoke to him, about the nearest future; what was to happen soon. “The earth will be flooded and everyone/everything will perish. You will build an ark to shelter your family duringContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 07/08 Men are not nice. Years ago I sat at one of our singles conference where Pst Dotun Arifalo was preaching and she made this statement “Men are not nice”. Of course she got the ladies’ attention with that sentence and she went on to explain whatContinue Reading

Sometime ago, at work, I was appointed into the College Exam Committee. As the secretary of the committee, I worked closely with the College Exam Officer. As an ex-soldier, everyone knew him to be a ‘no nonsense’ person. In fact, with him in office, many people (invigilators who would giveContinue Reading

As i asked of the lord what to bring before His people, the lord instructed me to send out A CALL TO PRAYER. The lord is asking that we remove every ungodly ancient landmarks and restore the hearts of our lineage to Him. He instructed me to read the storyContinue Reading