Hurriedly getting ready for work,  I needed my tail comb to give my just retouched hair a thorough and  smooth ‘every-single-hair-in-place’ dressing,  but it was nowhere in sight. “Where is this yeye comb now, ehn? Oh Lord,  You know I hate looking for things!” I searched but came up short.Continue Reading

The so-called most beautiful woman on earth has several flaws. These flaws are hidden away from view. Outside they are clean , they are spotless, inside, they always desire to be more than what they are at the moment. This is humanity. You look at them and they desire theirContinue Reading

A tv series monitored some fat people. These individuals complained that they were getting fat without any good explanation. According to them, they eat healthy, they do all the right things. But they continued to pile on the weight. Unknown to them, following their first conversation with the tv producers,Continue Reading

I have met with different opinions about sex. Recently, i had an encounter which left me thinking… Who on earth initiated sex? GOD??????? If it was God who initiated sex, why do we see it as a thing of the world to actually enjoy SEX….and why are some styles seenContinue Reading

A few years ago, I bought myself this red designer stilletos. I had walked around in my bedroom . I walked up and down the stairs. It had to be comfortable. But wait, the real fun starts when I wear the shoes and people start to look at me andContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 17/07/15 I sat down reflecting. I really wanted something and had been praying to God about it. I had a vivid description of what I wanted, and even trusted that God would bring it my way despite the fact that I wasn’t qualified for it. Then IContinue Reading

What you have grown through decides where you can go through….   Women love roses.   Men who love them buy them roses.   Roses are beautiful and until recent years, farmers who grow roses couldnt have a beautiful skin to show. The thorns have pricked and scarred them, yetContinue Reading

I have travelled from Lagos to Abuja by road and by air respectively and I can categorically say that like 7UP, the DIFFERENCE is CLEAR! Without exaggerating, I am sure the individual travelling by air would have made a return trip to and fro Abuja about 3 or 4 timesContinue Reading

  Hmmmm…. I guess i have to do this once a year. I would like to ask when marriage or being married became a standard of success in the society. Some of us will marry and others will not. This is not because they cant, but because they dont want toContinue Reading