Our expectation of fellow humans should be limited. WHY? Because they are human beings!   I hope to remind sisters this morning that its just a human nature to fail or to diappoint. Many of us go through life with deep hurts because we have put human beings in theContinue Reading

WHEN GOD IN, HE SUSPENDS THE NATURAL SEQUENCE…. In life, our human brain cannot comprehend some supernatural interventions.  We tend to analyse the situation based on our experience. But you know what, God is beyond our analysis.   When a child is born, the child is expected to start developingContinue Reading

HELLO, WHO’S SPEAKING   A few years ago, having moved away from a doctor’s practice where i had worked for a while, i decided to give the staff a quick shout out. Half way through dialing the number , i changed my mind, i wanted to play a prank onContinue Reading

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every PURPOSE under the heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV – emphasis mine) From it’s many definitions, ‘Purpose’ could mean ‘reason (for doing something)’. It therefore suffices to say that every action has a purpose; everything also has a purpose. ForContinue Reading

Have you ever felt so inadequate?   Have you looked at what God has planned and direceted you to do and you feel like you are not good enough, if the answer is YES, Congratulations,  you have got good company.   As humans, we were raised to believe in ourContinue Reading

ASK FOR MOOOOOORE. Semy followed Akeem to America, he needed to find a royal wife. They soon ran out of money and Semy had to send a message to the King of Zumunda, to send money. He wrote the message and was about to send it, the cashier at theContinue Reading

“We’ll be right back after this commercial break. Don’t go anywhere…..and don’t touch that dial!” Has it ever happened to you that while on a commercial break from a favourite, perhaps important program, you decided to browse through other channels to while away time and bumped on another program thatContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 11/06 Do you need fuelling up? If you live in Nigeria, I bet you are used to hearing the phrase “fuel scarcity”. In recent times, another wave of fuel scarcity hit town. Everywhere you turn, there are massive queues of cars and humans with ‘jerry cans’ atContinue Reading

I hate ‘BANGERS’, oh how I used to get scared of that unexpected loud KABOOM that accompanies every ‘banger incidence’. Back when I was in secondary school, some school mates of mine loved to play hanky panky with bangers, especially on the evening of Christmas Carol. They’d sneak up onContinue Reading