My father frequently said a proverb. Like many of his words, it rings in my ears ever so often. It states, the person who is carrying an elephant on his head should not have time to chase the ants on the floor. Meaning, when you realise the enormity of yourContinue Reading

One of the easiest ways to defeat a man is to distract them from concentrating on you as an enemy. If you can make an enemy see you as a friend, and stop them from suspecting you,  you have broken their defence and you have the ability to penetrate theirContinue Reading

During the early university days, the NLT at University of Ibadan hosted many of the Jambites. In this hall, many people heard the gospel of Christ for the first time and believed. In the same hall, many innocent girls were exposed to freedom to sin early on. So also youngContinue Reading

Its common place that we emphasize that someone keeps virginity until marriage . We think its a honorable  thing. The bible says that bed should remain undefiled. I have been thinking…how about sofa and chairs undefiled. How about the grounds undefiled. People mingle everywhere else these days, without using theContinue Reading

Growing up in Nigeria, i knew what it was to wait for NEPA to bring light.   Nepa was the electricity board. They could switch the lights off for days, sometimes weeks . We never really knew why. We were just happy when they switched it back on. At timesContinue Reading

Most of us just need to face one opposition and we wil stop singing the Lords song. Our testimony changes and even our bb and what’s app messages reflect that our salvation is only viable when things are smooth! We think that when its bad, it cant be God! LetContinue Reading

I was hoping that it will not get to this, but I need help. The help i need is for my friends and brethren to please pass this onto a man they know….every man they know. You know when there is a problem in a marriage, most of the time,Continue Reading