Today’s exhortation – 28/04/15 Stop it please! Women are powerful o! They can make or mar you, destroy or build you up! You don’t believe me? Read this story below: Now it came to pass, when Isaac was old and his eyes were so dim that he could not see,Continue Reading

There eas a new wave of crime in the Uk a few months ago. Thieves targetted people who were having parties and social functions. When they are busy partying and dancing, their handbags and mobile phones and car keys were being stolen from their bags……by thieves who presented as co-revellers.Continue Reading

  ‘Last Vegas’ told the story of four men who had been best friends since childhood. Along the line, two of them had a falling out because the one felt the other forsook him in his hour of need – at the moment when he needed him most. The offendedContinue Reading

Life is hard work. Grace is available but if God planned for all to just have everything without doing anything, He would be unjust…. That means that He will just take the people who claim that they love and believe in Him and put them in a separate country …whereContinue Reading

One common observation is that accidents happen in clusters on UK roads. For a while, the British Traffic Police were puzzled about this ‘coincidence’ They couldn’t figure out how an accident happens at about the same area on two separate roads separated by a divider. A northbound accident quickly getContinue Reading

Most of the times, on the wedding day , the priest rams it down a woman’s throat that she needs to submit during this marriage. Bro never gets to hear a word about what is expected of him. Once he is rich or old enough, it’s assumed that he knowsContinue Reading

I know that you have been thinking and you feel that you are not good enough for this job. But , I just thought to remind you that I know what I am doing. Every seed that is formed in the womb of a woman was placed there by me.Continue Reading

As i travelled through Port Harcourt on my way to Uyo, it was in the year 1994, i stopped by this busy market, Oil mill market. My humble self saw all these enthusiastic sellers, offering me DESIGNER SANDALS for almost nothing at all. This is PRADA…..for you,  I will sellContinue Reading