Today’s exhortation – 27/02/15 TAKE YOUR EYES OFF YOU. Take your eyes off you. Look around and see Are the issues you have new? Are they peculiar to you and me? You worry about the leaking roof And that you have no butter with your bread You cry becauseContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 17/02/2015 Don’t be an easy prey! I watched a documentary on lions. These awesome, strong, beautiful creatures are actually fun to watch. You can learn so many things just from observing them. Not only are they strong, their strength lies in their unity. You see lions moveContinue Reading

Sugar what is it called? Sugar daddy…… that is the definioton of a man who is way older than you , who leaves his family responsibility and emotional needs and focuses on you. He is there at your beck and call and he meets your needs. Nice holidays, school needsContinue Reading

When your pain is too strong,  most of the times, we are so blinded by the pain… When one is distressed, it looks like your situation is the worst in the world, and you tend to concentrate on getting a way out of your situation, or you are busy wellingContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 13/02/15 Rest on GRACE. As we entered 2015, I resolved in my heart to ensure that I get some things done. I decided not to write down any resolutions but have a mental list of what I would like to do, while leaving room for change. It’sContinue Reading

Back then, those nights I was privileged to have my toddler niece sleep beside me were always ‘watch nights’. She used to toss to and fro on the bed and every single time she did that, my eyes would snap open. I recall one of such nights all too well.Continue Reading

Home is home…. Home is where you are welcome and accepted in spite of all your inadequacies. When you have been on a long journey, all you want to do is to return home. Depending on how long you have had to wait before the return, the vivid picture ofContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 06/02/15 Keep your Identity! During the holidays, my daughter got a ‘happy new year’ crown from her beloved Aunty. It was red with glittering little bulbs that lit up when you press a hidden button. She promptly wore it on her head and strutting round the livingContinue Reading