Most adults who are learning to swim will find it a bit challenging. I am not proud to announce that i just could not release myself to follow the flow in the pool 2 weeks ago. My BFF and i decided to into the swimming pool. After such a longContinue Reading

THE WICKED MOTHER INLAW SYNDROME? BY  PASTOR DEE JEFFREYS   MATTHEW 19:5 5. And that he said, ‘For this reason a man should leave his father and mother and be cling to his wife, and the two are to become one flesh’?* A man who choses to cling to hisContinue Reading

When you buy the ticket for the London underground, and you get to  the last stop of the train, you hear the announcement, ALL CHANGE PLEASE…. It simply means, GET OFF, WE NEED A FRESH SET OF PEOPLE HERE….lol When you are confused, so many voices will speak to you. WhenContinue Reading

When a man walks out , we feel bad. When he walks out after you have told everyone that he is the one, then you feel worse. Even more so after you have fixed a wedding date!!!!! Some men these days just think that they hold the world world inContinue Reading

She chased me around the house two mornings ago, it wasn’t long before I started to run out of options. My daughter had chosen Sunday morning to initiate her play. Within my mind, I was calculating how I could just get her off my back so I could get readyContinue Reading

I was once suspended from my duties in a church because pastor never saw my name on the tithe envelope…….i never wrote it. He disclosed to me after serving punishment that that was why he said i was not commited…..this is my personal experience … You must give you needContinue Reading

Women who have had big babies will tell you that the labour lasted a bit longer than usual. The babies take a bit longer to navigate their ways through the birth canal. BIG THINGS TAKE A BIT MORE TIME. The story of the crucifixion of Jesus remains a delight forContinue Reading

Here today, gone tomorrow The bus that travels through this side of the universe stops at many bus stops. Many people alight and many come on board. When you come on board , you have never been on the bus before… know not when you will alight….neither are you awareContinue Reading

Give no room to the devil. I kept turning it over in my heart.  Dont give room to the devil……that means that the devil will ask for it. He will ask not in words,  but by suggestions that come to mind. Hmmmmmm It makes me wonder how many suggestions weContinue Reading