Christmas has just come and gone , and lots of people did not get what they expected for Christmas. In the accident and emergency units all over the developed world, the news records that its a season when they have highest attendance for emotional upsets and people at the endContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation 30/12 Do you remember? April 2014 – I had a road trip planned. I was to go to Akure with some colleagues of mine from another organisation. They hired a bus which was to convey us. We agreed to leave on a Sunday by 1pm. That morning, IContinue Reading

  We leave home in the morning, positive that we are able to do it. Today, i will be fasting and waiting upon the lord. Two hours later, the smell of fried egg frim your colleague at work is the first test of your faith. Three hours into fast, youContinue Reading

Most of them are not heard or seen, but they bear the brunt of the wonderful message you heard in church yesterday. They had to forfeit some time, some family time! They had to take care of the children by themselves whilst Pastor get the choir ready for Sunday. SomeContinue Reading

Most of the times, when a woman finds that her husband is cheating and we approach our leaders for help, we get told. Love him .Submit more. Look good. Sleep with him more!!!! You are dealing with a serious heartbreak and yet, all the fingers are pointing at you asContinue Reading

No one likes to be exposed. I don’t.   In spite of my window being shaded by leafy trees, i find myself pulling the curtains when I feel exposed. Most of us will never undress before the best of our friends, because we love to retain that dignity. We believeContinue Reading

Some time ago, at about 2am, I suddenly woke up from sleep to an irritating sound. It was coming from somewhere near my bed and it was grating my nerves. I was almost sure it was a roach, scratching at some surface CONTINUOUSLY – Oh Lord, can’t take it no more!Continue Reading

15th DECEMBER Many of us have had it the way we wanted it this year. You have looked back at the year with a smile, with a boast, with a relief. For some of us, it’s with a tear in the face…….LORD, ANOTHER YEAR GONE. I am older, i haveContinue Reading

Most women look forward to intimacy; however, there are situations when you find yourself closing the gates Have you had to do it before? Are we actually allowed to close the gates? For how long? Why? How did you resolve it? Was it worse it for you? Under what circumstancesContinue Reading