I am part of the coordinators for one of the general courses offered by students. Every student knows and understands that passing all general courses is an important requirement for graduation. It is also common knowledge that obtaining at least 75% score in class attendance is a non-negotiable requirement forContinue Reading

FREE ALWAYS COMES AT A PRICE…… I felt like laughing out loud as I read the story of the WISE MEN of EGYPT. … The King was looking for outstanding men to help him govern his province. He needed help. He decided that he needed the very best of theContinue Reading

The weather forecast warned that there will he a very bad flood. People were advised to leave the city and move far away from the seashores. The government made coaches and buses available to take people to inland cities. Most families had moved. The police were advised to do aContinue Reading

Darling, You rock my world. I know that I don’t say it often, but really you rock my world. I am blessed to have you and when i look at beautiful my life is with you as my soulmate, I am grateful to God for having you. You say…my wife,Continue Reading

I love punctuation marks. They have great significance, because a simple punctuation can give varied meanings to a sentence. Here, let’s have a little illustration: “He is not my brother…” “He is, not my brother…” “He is not! My brother…”   The first sentence is very clear. I would assumeContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation 19/11/14 Remember the story of Joseph? After being falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife of nearly seducing her, he was thrown in prison. But because he was already favoured by God, it was easy for him to stand out. Before long, he was put in charge of the entireContinue Reading

  When I got born again, my brother was particularly worried about one thing, being brain – washed.   He believed that women were so easily led because of their emotions and he was worried for me. Once someone can convince us with a few words, we are captured. WithContinue Reading

The POLICE FORCE…are so strict. In a lot of countries in the world, the laws are so clear-cut They have strict guidelines on how safe a car should be before they get on the road. It’s your responsibility as the driver, to make sure that your car is road worthy.Continue Reading

Today’s exhortation 14/11/2014 My mother loved animals (I think she still does). We reared all sorts when I was growing up, including pigs. Those days in Jos, rearing pigs was good business. The indigenes love pork meat and it was quite expensive buying it therefore my business savvy mum decidedContinue Reading