Several years ago, my family changed location and moved from one state to another – quite far apart. My siblings were not around, so I was the only one who made the trip with my parents. I remember feeling dejected and downcast about the change of location because I wasContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 22/10/2014 I needed to go and visit a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. Last time I saw her, she lived in a different location. She told me she had moved and now lived somewhere else. After giving me the new address, I got preparedContinue Reading

Reading through the posts on TPJ, i have a feeling that we need to be very real and discuss issues that may liberate some of our sisters here . Its regarding MEN WHO CHEAT on their wives. Today, without making any reference to any particular scenarion, can we discuss WHYContinue Reading

At times, when one is faced with serious life challenges,  it seems like you need to reasess your conviction and ask yourself a question ..DID I REALLY HEAR GOD? I dont know if there is anyone reading this piece, who heard God clearly,  but somehow, you are beginning to doubtContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 17/10/2014 Denied or delayed? I was expecting some funds for a project. Usually it should take a couple of weeks but I was told this time it would take a month. So I sent the invoice as usual and made sure everything was ok. At the otherContinue Reading

My 40th birthday party was a surprise. The real birthday had come and gone and I had assumed to myself that hubby was a bit broke and that he wasn’t able to do anything to mark this my big day. I gave myself reasons to not be upset. He saidContinue Reading

Empty words don’t do much. Even God the creator of heaven and earth watches over His words to bring it to pass. So many of us have been taught the power of POSITIVE CONFESSION…..when we confess and confess and profess and confess again and yes as though nothing is happening,Continue Reading

You know when you have one of those moments …..when you have a long look back at your life in a quiet consideration? Yeah……i had one early this morning I remember that day, that this individual walked away from me! Leaving me a laughing stock and making me feel likeContinue Reading

Almost a fortnight ago, a friend came to my office to deliver something I had earlier asked her to get for me. Seeing we are now operating a cashless society *winks* and well, since I didn’t have prior knowledge that she was breezing into my office that day, I didContinue Reading