A wise woman builds her own home.   Hmmmmm, the bible is loaded.   I feel the need for us to discuss about homes and what compromise we need to make as married women. Most of us did not think of giving anything up when we chose to marry ourContinue Reading

  The world says it the other way round….. But with God, He wants you to listen to the very first instruction because all the other instructions stem from the first one!!!!! Hmmmmm….. I was asking of the Lord regarding what He wanted me to share with the Jewels forContinue Reading

Stay in character. When you watch a movie, you get so drawn to the storyline because of its originality. Sometimes a movie feels so real, you find yourself crying when the actors are in pain because you can feel what they’re feeling. If someone acted in a movie and playedContinue Reading

Today’s exhortation – 18th Sep 2014 As I sat and pondered on what to share this morning, several topics flashed through my head. Not of them stayed though, as they didn’t seem like the word for now. Then my son came downstairs and started jumping on the chairs, distracting myContinue Reading

 I got married last Saturday, and my hubby and I were really looking forward to our first night. Though we’re both not virgins, we tried to wait though we almost gave in many times during d courtship. Now we’re here, but there’s a small challenge. I experience so much painContinue Reading

When women ask for counsel about their husband cheating , other women tend to give advice about personal hygiene and care. Wear nice underwears Make your hair. Make sure you look good… We even tell them….try new styles in the bedroom…. Wear perfume and smell nice and inviting….. All ofContinue Reading

Ah..the song is gone! That which was my testimony is now a shame. I thought it had come to stay. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be in the first instance.   Is this your conversation  with God? It’s painful. It’s painful….they are causing me pain and mocking the faith thatContinue Reading

Good morning Jewels   The lord laid it on my heart to share this scripture with you. I hope it blesses someone.   Isaiah 30:19-26 NCV You people who live on Mount Zion in Jerusalem will not cry anymore. The L ord will hear your crying, and he will comfortContinue Reading