Amnesia is a serious disease for those who suffer from it… Its non medical meaning is MEMORY LOSS. Its so bad that the people who suffer from it, cant even recognise that wife or husband who lives with them. Their children are total strangers. They dont remember most of theirContinue Reading

Hey ladies….   i would like us to reach out to one another tonight……   Just look back and remember one time in your life when you were really down and needed a miracle….   and you got it….   Can you remember what it was that you were prayingContinue Reading

Good morning Jewels, I need your candid opinion on this; I am a pastor’s wife and we are in a remote part of Lagos. The church was started with six poles erected and half roofing on bare ground not even cemented. The instrument were purchased on credit and we wereContinue Reading

Most born again Christian women are confused about how to balance spirituality with pleasure. At times, the need to have a seperate time to wait on God may conincidew with when hubby returns from a journey and you have missed each other so much. So what happens when you areContinue Reading

Hello Ma,  I got married 3mnths ago, as a virgin wt little info abt sex,even being familiar wt my sexual organ is wat I don’t like myself. Since w got married,I v nt really been enjoying sex,as I find it painful sometimes,bt I keep doin it for my hubby,what doContinue Reading

One day, when I was still in junior secondary school, one of my ‘big brothers’ asked me what I wanted to become in future (the common question you ask pre-teens/teenagers) and I said, “Doctor” (probably ‘cos that sounded like the most prestigious profession around then – almost every youngster wantedContinue Reading

PLS HELP THIS JEWEL Hi Sister Omobola, thank you for all your hard work and for all this discussions… i gave birth in December and since then i and hubby havent really been having sex more because it is painful, i hardly climax (was circumcised) and i am so notContinue Reading

You have waited for several years to do this!!!! At least most of us have!! Then on the day, as you danced in church, there is just one thing on your mind….how will it go tonite?   What will he do?   What will you do?   Will it beContinue Reading

We have had to deal with this so many times, but I still think that there is a need to talk about it again and again. One problem facing many homes is the lack of unity when it comes to sex. Someone believes something is right and would like toContinue Reading

Bitterness spreads so fast. It spreads so quickly. In fact, if you give it any audience, it’s roots go so deep into the ground that you will need serious help to uproot it. One thing that is common with us women  is that we are very sentimental about almost everything.Continue Reading