Lord, i thank you for giving me the opportunity to guard and watch over my body. I ask that as I pray today and tomorrow, that heaven will hear me. I DECREE CONCERNING MY BODY, ACCORDING TO THE WORD OF THE LORD; 11 COR 3:16 Do you not know that you[a] areContinue Reading

Most of us just need to face one opposition and we will stop singing the Lords song. Our testimony changes and even our bb and what’s app messages reflect that our salvation is only viable when things are smooth!   We think that when its bad, it cant be God!Continue Reading

7th July 2014 In the time when people are scared of travelling, because of the fear of disaster,  when you travel away from home, you know and you are hopeful that someday, you will return, you will see your loved ones and you will be restored. Soldiers go through theContinue Reading

Do you need a pair?   I have been stretching and straining for months.   Its true that you dont realise how unwell you are until you are treated and start to feel better.   My close friends have been watching me hold my books a mile off when IContinue Reading