Copyright Thypreciousjewels 2014   For God’s sake , Please move!!!! Do I sound desperate? Sorry if I do, at times, one does not have so much time and you really need to move quickly, or else,you will fund yourself stuck in one position for life.   We went on aContinue Reading

Most of our single sisters have been busy with work all week.Weekend is the time to catch up with that special man who makes your heart beat faster. You cant wait to be officially married to him. However, when you go to his place, you cant seem to sit still.Continue Reading

A few weekends ago, i enjoyed my daughters favourite Tv cartoon ! Who lives in the pineapple under the sea? Spongebob squarepant!It was a lovely sunny day in Bikini Bottom! The beautiful town under the sea!!!! And spongebob and his friend Patrick were strolling round the city centre and wonderingContinue Reading

Break ups happen!One of the challenges we face, as women is that we are very emotional beingsWe hold onto things too dearly. Even more so when there has been special involvement like premarital sex. When the man leaves or walk away we find it difficult to move on or giveContinue Reading

When a woman gets married, a lot of things change.Usually, she is used to managing her own money and making choices. However in most cultures, you are expected to keep nothing away from husband. Some of these cultures , however, think its okay for the man to keep things away likeContinue Reading

  Have you ever heard people faking accents? Have you ever seen someone claiming to be what the are not? I saw a clip of video on Facebook last week……a gentleman stood by a car and noticed a lady walking towards the car. He fancied her and immediately leaned onContinue Reading

No home is perfect but there are more issues in some homes than others When we are angry, words fly, tongues wag, secrets are exposed Unfortunately the anger makes us blind or ignorant of risks RISKS TO THE CHILDREN who may be watching of listening What should be the attitudeContinue Reading

Copyright THYPRECIOUSJEWELS 2014 When you travel away from home, you know and you are hopeful that some day, you will return, you will see your loved ones and you will be restored.This is the hope that keeps our soldiers alive when they go to war.They have the pictures of theirContinue Reading

 I have that effect on people!!!!! Whenever I do something outrageous and hubby says ‘I AM SPEECHLESS’ , I rub it in by saying my usual phrase….I HAVE THAT EFFECT ON PEOPLE! I make them speechless! But really on a funny note, I do make people speechless…..I am learning fast,Continue Reading